God Of War Mod Replaces Kratos And Atreus With Homer And Bart Simpson

Mods are great. They change the games we love in several different ways, improving them with tweaks and fixes or adding things so absolutely baffling that you're not playing the same game anymore. Today's mod is definitely an example of the latter, as someone has created a God of War mod that replaces Kratos and Atreus with another iconic father-son duo – Homer and Bart Simpson.

First shared by IGN, the mod was created by Omega Fantasy and is shown off in a video by YouTuber ToastedShoes. The video starts at the opening of God of War, with Homer preparing to chop down a tree. However, instead of using the Leviathan Axe like in the original game, Homer is equipped with his Wonderbat and uses it throughout the rest of the video.

The first thing you'll probably notice in the video is that Homer and Bart actually speak throughout, recreating some of God of War's most famous quotes whilst sprinkling in the odd Simpsons reference every now and again. The character models for both Homer and Bart are pretty good as well, having been imported from The Simpsons: Hit & Run, albeit there's no lip sync and Homer's Wonderbat does clip through his body almost constantly.

If you thought the mod couldn't get any weirder, then just wait until the end of the video. In God of War, the Baldur/Kratos rivalry is pretty intense, so it's expected that Homer should have an equally intense rivalry. The final few minutes of ToastedShoes' video has Homer and Ned Flanders duking it out one on one whilst Bart hides under the floorboard in the shack. The video reaches its climactic end as Homer brutally snaps the neck of Flanders, pushes him off a cliff, and slowly limps away.

ToastedShows is actually pretty well known for playing around with mods in popular games, and has even modded God of War to replace Kratos and Atreus with FNAF characters instead. They do mention at the end of the video that they'd like to continue with a part 2 for either the Simpsons or FNAF mods, so check out their channel if you found this video pretty entertaining.

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