God Of War Ragnarok Animation Director Reiterates That "Ragnarok Is Coming This Year"

God of War Ragnarok's animation director has confirmed that the game is still releasing in 2022, despite some worries from fans that it's going to be delayed.

Considering how many big games we've seen being delayed recently, and that Ragnarok has already been delayed once before, it's no surprise that God of War fans are worried that it's going to be pushed out of 2022. This fear was compounded recently when Cory Barlog appeared in a video celebrating God of War's fourth anniversary, saying that Ragnarok is “just not ready to be shown".

Although this was likely just saying that we need to wait a little bit for more news, some God of War fans took this to mean that Ragnarok had been delayed again and was going to slip out of 2022. This worry got so bad that one Twitter user Tweeted at Ragnarok's animation director, Bruno Velazquez, and asked them, "Bruno re assure us that it will come this year 100% and don't show me anything at this point".

In response, Velazquez simply replied, "Ragnarok is coming this year". Although this is far from a direct confirmation that the game will release in 2022, as Sony hasn't outright said that itself and because numerous things could impact the game's development, it does imply that the team working on the game are confident in its progress and are sure it's going to make its 2022 release date.

Velazquez also replied to some other fans asking him about the release date, Tweeting a gif of Stan Lee saying 'nuff said to one fan. It's clear that Velazquez at least thinks that Ragnarok will end up launching in 2022. It's also important to remember that the main reason for this worry was simply because of how Cory Barlog worded his fourth-anniversary message – which was more a promise that news will happen when the studio is ready – and not because we've seen any evidence that Ragnarok isn't going to make its planned launch date.

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