God Of War Ragnarok Players Are Pointing Out Foreshadowing From Odin

More than a month after launch, God of War Ragnarok players are only just noticing and celebrating some of Odin's most cunning moments that you'll likely only notice on a second playthrough.

Undeniably, one of the highlights of God of War Ragnarok is Richard Schiff's performance as Odin. The All-Father's tricky nature and almost omnipresent power somehow managed to live up to how much he was hyped up in 2018's God of War, something that's even more noticeable after playing through the game one more time and knowing the truth behind some of what he says. Big spoilers for God of War Ragnarok incoming.

If you've finished God of War Ragnarok, you'll know that one of the big twists is that all of Kratos, Atreus, Mimir, and Freya's interactions with Tyr were actually them talking to a disguised Odin. This explains how Odin knew where Kratos and Atreus were going to be at all times, and reveals that he knows all the team's plans at pretty much every turn, as he's been hearing them as the fake Tyr.

This means that God of War Ragnarok players who are going back for a second playthrough are only now noticing some of the things that Odin says that are foreshadowing the big twist and making it clear that he knows what's happening most of the time. One such moment was shared by Redditor Vote-_-Quimby, who posted a clip on the God of War subreddit with the caption, "Missed it the first time, he's cunning".

In the clip, Odin is walking around Asgard with Atreus, where he says, "You're lucky my offer still stands after you went and sprung Tyr. Still, I suppose spending time with him is punishment enough. At least Mimir never lost his sense of humour", before laughing to himself. This is likely Odin having some fun at Atreus' expense, as he knows he's actually hanging out with him. It can also be seen as a slip-up on Odin's part, as it implies he knows that Mimir has kept his sense of humour, something he'd only know from being with him.

This isn't the only instance of it, either. As pointed out by other players in the comments, there are tons of moments that foreshadow who Tyr actually is, such as when he calls Freya "Frigg" when he first sees her, or when he pushes Atreus out of the way when they see Groa's true prophecy.

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