God Of War Ragnarok: Stag For All Seasons Location Guide

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God of War Ragnarok has a lot of main story missions that follow around Kratos and Atreus's journey as they try to stop Fimbulwinter. Apart from the main story missions, you can also spend time doing Favors for different NPCs in the game. One Favor, known as A Stag for All Seasons, is given to you by Ratatoskr. This Favor has you finding the Stags located in Vanaheim.

There are four Stags, and finding all of them will get you resources as well as an attachment for your shield. Here is all you need to know about where to find the Stags.

Where To Find The Stags For All Seasons

To find the four Stags, you will have to complete a few Favors beforehand in order to gain access to side areas that were previously inaccessible. The first Favor is Scent of Survival which unlocks The Crater and The Plains areas in Northern Vanaheim, and unlocks the other Favors that get you close to the Stags.

Winter Stag

After completing the Scent of Survival the next Favor will start, known as For Vanaheim. Near the end of the Favor, you will have to defeat Crimson Dread. After that, you will have to rescue Birgir up ahead.

Just before ending the Favor, you will reach the area marked on the map and will be able to see the Stag of Winter on your left near the Mystic Gateway. Approach the Stag, and you will be prompted to feed it the food Ratatoskr gave you.

Spring Stag

For the Spring Stag, you will have to complete the Favor Trail of the Dead. During this, you will kill the Ogres blocking you from opening the gate opposite to them by throwing boulders.

After the Ogres are dealt with, make your way to the gate and open it. Go inside, and you will reach the Wishing Well, where you can see the Stag of Spring in front of you.

Summer Stag

For this Stag, you will have to complete the Favor Return of the River. This will unlock The Jungle area, and you will be able to explore more of Vanaheim. From the Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway, head to the boat and go East of your location past the Ogres.

You will soon come upon another Boat Dock, head up and through the crack. You will see a place where you can use your Blades of Chaos. Grapple across the massive roots, and you will soon see the Stag in the distance. Here you find the Stag of Summer.

Autumn Stag

For this Stag, make your way to The Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway and head straight to grapple up. Head east, and you will see circular ruins of a building in the distance. Go through it and use the zipline at the end. At the end of the zipline, look back to see an entrance where you will need to use your Leviathan Axe. Keep going forward, and you will soon see a Mystic Gateway for The Sinkholes as well as the Stag of Autumn.

After finding all the Stags, you will get the Pure of Hart trophy. Make your way to Ratatoskr, and he will give you 75 Whispering Slab and Rond of Disruption (Shield Attachment).

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