Godfall: Everything You Need To Know About Dreamstones

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Godfall is packed with content, whether that be the main story, mid-game optional areas, or straight-up end-game modes that only make themselves known once you’ve seen the credits roll. Dreamstones are one such mode, and they offer more than enough incentive to take a peak – heck, maybe even grind through.

Godfall’s end game isn’t a walk in the park, however. Sure, Dreamstones might seem like a great place to mess around in, but they will lay you flat on your butt if you go in expecting to be the god-killing maniac you were before. It pulls no punches, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

How To Unlock Dreamstones

Dreamstones are only unlocked once you’ve defeated the Big Bad of Godfall, Macros. Once you’ve dusted him (literally), you will find yourself back in the Sanctum, Dreamstones will be available to access.

How To Beat Dreamstones

There are a total of 18 Dreamstones, but each Dreamstone plays out the same way – more or less. Firstly, you must pay Electrum to enter a Dreamstone. Once that’s done, you’re off to the races.

Dreamstones are split into a number of rounds, with each round presenting you with branching paths that lead to rewards and new objectives. Completing a round will allow you to modify your reward when you finally go to fight the boss of the Dreamstone, allowing you to have some degree of control over the RNG present in the mode. This costs Lucidity, which is a reward for completing certain rounds.

Each round will also reduce the stability of the Dreamstone, although, some missions will also replenish the Stability. You will eventually run out of Stability, at which point, you will need to fight the boss.

Once you’ve fought through enough rounds, you will go toe-to-toe with the boss of the Dreamstone. These are all bosses you’ve fought before, however, they are much more powerful. These bosses are Ascendant variants, and whilst their moveset largely remains the same, they are much more aggressive, damaging, and difficult.

Slay the boss, and the Dreamstone will be completed and you will be free to jump into another Dreamstone and continue your end game grind.

Rewards For Completing Dreamstones

You get plenty of rewards for completing Dreamstones, which makes them incredibly tantalizing as a system of progression. Firstly, the loot you gain is much better than the loot you would find in the main game.

Secondly, you can get your hands on the exceptionally rare (compared to other crafting materials) Orbs Of Oblivion. These things are necessary to craft the Hinterclaw Valorplate, which just so happens to be the best Valorplate in Godfall. This alone should be enough of a reason to get killing.

Finally, you even get Orbs Of Creation and Orbs Of Eternity. These can be used to upgrade your high-level kit, and so are incredibly important for the end game grind.

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