Going Medieval: How To Build Walls

Walls are your number one line of defense in Going Medieval. You will inevitably be attacked, though the scale of the attacks grows in accordance with the size of your settlement. The more settlers you have, as well as the number of resources you’ve gathered, determine how large the attacks will be.

Walls provide an entire perimeter defense for your Medieval homestead. You can start out with basic wooden walls and upgrade them at a later date. This guide covers everything you need to know about how to build walls in Going Medieval.

Best Wall Design In Going Medieval

At the very start of the game, building a wooden wall is your primary defense against attackers. You should construct a perimeter wall fairly early on. This will require quite a lot of wood, so you should cut down all nearby trees and set up a Birch Tree farm for a consistent amount of wood at a later date.

How To Build The Best Wooden Wall

There are two reasons to build a wall: to funnel your enemies to a small entrance laden with traps and to provide a height advantage for your archers.

You can build a wall and then place wooden flooring on top and to the side of the wall. This provides room for your archers to move around. Merlons along the wall provide cover for your archers. Merlons do not act as a wall themselves: enemies will walk right through them.

All you need then is a staircase leading up to the walls. You can position your archers in a good position whenever you are attacked.

Use Traps To Your Advantage

The simple Wooden Traps and the more advanced Metal Traps will not damage your villagers. You can place them around the entrance to your fortified village, basically funneling your enemies through a small kill-zone.

Traps can be reset after they’ve been activated. You just need to toggle “Allowed” over the trap to let your citizens reset them. This action also falls under the Steward role, so it will need to be set to fairly high priority or it will never get done (it’s very to the right of the priority list, hence it is prioritized less than roles before it.)

Upgrading Your Walls

For the time being, siege weaponry is a part of Going Medieval, but according to the game’s Discord, it is something that will undergo changes. Currently, Trebuchets will spawn when you reach a large raid size. These can be quite deadly and will destroy buildings with ease. This is something that will be added during the ongoing Early Access of the game, and mounted siege weaponry does appear on the roadmap.

That being said, you can still construct larger stone walls. These look awesome but at the time of writing have no real other purposes beyond aesthetics. Trebuchets can still tear through them quite easily. More utility will likely be added for bigger and better walls as the game undergoes further updates.

In the meantime, Trebuchets tend to attack when enemy soldiers cannot path directly to some sort of your construction. You may need to leave a hole in the wall or a door open. This seems like a terrible idea, but as the Trebuchets are sort of placeholders for a more developed siege weapon system, this is your best bet.

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