Gotham Knights: Case 7.2 Arkham Asylum Tower Puzzle Solution

Gotham Knights is an open-world RPG game that follows the lives of Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl as the Batman Family. Batman has died, and it is up to them to take his place and fight crime to protect Gotham City from criminals who are realizing Bruce is gone.

The game contains different collectibles and puzzles that can help provide background and further the narrative. One of the more difficult puzzles to complete in the game would be the Frequency Alignment puzzle in Case 7.2. This puzzle can prove to be quite daunting at first glance, but can be solved in a few minutes with some assistance.

Before You Begin…

The puzzle requires you to follow a certain pattern and combination to beat.

There are four smaller screens on either side of the central monitor, and four larger switches with matching frequencies close by.

There are four color-coded wires connecting from each small monitor to an individual switch. These are your clues to find the combination on your own.

If you do not get the combination correct or make a mistake, you will have to reset the entire puzzle.

Aligning The Frequencies

The combination is already given to you upon entering the room. Once you interact with the central monitor, check the smaller monitors on either side of it for the correct pattern.

Upon doing so, you will see they are connected to the large switches on either side of the room. Each miniature monitor has a frequency with a corresponding switch that needs to be activated. They have to be activated in a certain order.

After you have interacted with the central monitor, go to the first switch on your right that is closest to the monitors.

Activate the switch, and it will turn green to indicate it is the correct one.

Activate the switch next to it, and it should turn green.

Go across to the left side of the room to the switch closest to the monitors (directly across from Switch 1). Activate it and it should turn green.

Do the same for the one right next to it, and you will get a short cutscene zooming in on the monitor next to the central one.

It will indicate that you have completed the puzzle via a green screen.

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