Gotham Knights Reveals Nightwing’s And Red Hood’s Powers May 10

Gotham Knights is about to reveal some more gameplay details starting tomorrow. Both Nightwing and Red Hood will have their abilities showcased tomorrow at 6 AM PT (9 PM ET).

The news comes courtesy of a “mission update from the Belfry.” The tweet made no mention of the other two heroes featured in Gothham Knights, although we have a pretty good idea from previous trailers just what Batgirl and Robin are capable of.

In the 2020 DC Fandome announcement, Robin was shown to be able to teleport short distances courtesy of the Justice League. Batgirl, meanwhile, had abilities similar to Batman’s in the Arkham series, able to drop on enemies and take them out with a few well-placed punches. She also seemed to have a blinding grenade and another ability that resulted in a defensive shield of bats.

Red Hood is likely to have a few long-ranged attacks while Nightwing is more likely to be the close-in melee fighter. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow morning.

Gotham Knights was initially set to release earlier this winter, but Warner Bros. wisely got out of Elden Ring’s way and delayed the game to October 2022. This gives the developer plenty of time to nail down Gotham Knight’s gameplay and even allowed it to add a new feature: four-player co-op. That means each of the four heroes can have their own player in the upcoming ARPG, so better call dibs with your friends now.

As for the story, we know that Gotham Knights will span multiple arcs while the team tries to solve the murder of Bruce Wayne. Of course, whether you believe Batman to really be dead is totally up to you, but we have our doubts.

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