Grand Theft Auto 5 Sales Finally Slow Down

After dominating the games charts for nine years, Grand Theft Auto 5's sales could finally be slowing down. That is at least according to the latest earnings report from Rockstar parent company Take-Two, which shows the first-ever decline in sales since GTA 5 launched in 2013.

As revealed in the report, GTA 5 sold one million copies between July and September this year. While this would be impressive for any other title, it's not much to a game that has so far shifted more than 170 million units, suggesting that fans are more than ready for the next instalment.

As reported by GamesRadar, these numbers make this GTA 5's worst quarter on record. Although this isn't too surprising, because there can't be that many people left who don't have at least one copy of the game lying around.

This unfortunate milestone might also suggest that Rockstar's attempts to prolong GTA 5's life way longer than any of us expected might not be paying off as they did before. GTA 5 was only recently re-released on current-gen consoles, making PS5 and Xbox Series X/S the third generation it has appeared on. GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Edition only launched this March, but it seems that you can only keep releasing one game for so long until the playerbase wants something new.

As we learned from some of the most explosive news of the year, fans might not have to wait much longer before we finally see something official from GTA 6. A huge hack of Rockstar resulted in early GTA 6 gameplay footage getting shared online, confirming details such as the dual protagonists, one of which being a Latina woman. This Bonnie and Clyde-inspired duo appear to be called Jason and Lucia, although we don't know much more about them than that. Considering everything we did see was never meant to be shown to the public, it looked pretty promising, so an actual reveal might not be too far away.

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