Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons – Everything You Need To Know About Club Canach

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Within Arborstone, you can find Club Canach. This elite social club in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is a popular hangout, run by Canach himself. Here, you can order food and drinks, earn Canach Coins, and bet on a moa race. Club Canach will not be available when you first travel to Arborstone; you will first need to unlock it.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at everything you need to know about Club Canach. This will include how to unlock it, as well as everything you can do inside. First, let's take a look at the requirements to visit this club.

How To Unlock Club Canach

Club Canach will unlock once you complete the instance 'Empty'. This is the tenth chapter in the End of Dragons story. Once this has been completed, Club Canach will be accessible.

Getting To Club Canach

Club Canach can be reached by heading through a tunnel in the northern part of Arborstone. In the image above, you can check out the route to the club. To enter the club, you will need to go through the portal, which brings you right to the Club Canach Waypoint. After you visit Club Canach for the first time, you can unlock this Waypoint, allowing you to fast travel there.

Now that you know how to get there, let's go over what you can do inside.

Merchants In Club Canach

There are three different merchants that you can find in Club Canach. Let's take a quick look at each, as well as what they sell.

Club Canach Rewards Vendor

This vendor will sell a variety of items for Canach Coins and gold. Below, you can check out what this vendor sells.

Preserved Lucky Four-Leaf Clover

  • This will only be available in the Albax, the Unlucky achievement collection is active.
80 Canach Coins
Cultivated Cherry Blossom
  • 1,000 Canach Coins
  • 1 Gold
Petrified Echovald Instrument
  • 1,000 Canach Coins
  • 1 Gold
Jadeite Fossilized Hippocampus
  • 1,000 Canach Coins
  • 1 Gold
Jade Technician Backpack
  • 1,000 Canach Coins
  • 1 Gold
Echovald Spire Backpiece

  • This will unlock once you get the Echovald Spire Backpiece.
  • 250 Canach Coins
  • 2 Gold
Map Specific Writs (limited to 3 per day)

  • Seitung Province
  • New Kaineng City
  • Echovald Wilds
  • Dragon's End
50 Canach Coins each
Adept's Bag of Crafting Supplies300 Canach Coins
Expert's Bag of Crafting Supplies1,000 Canach Coins


Daxx is the chef of Club Canach, selling a variety of foods and recipes that can be found below.

Fine-Tier Food Items

  • Spicy Meat Kabob
  • Cheeseburger
  • Grilled Poultry
  • Grilled Steak
  • Meatball Dinner
4 Silver Each
Recipe: Bowl of Fish Stew50 Silver
Recipe: Fishy Rice Bowl50 Silver
Recipe: Kimchi Pancakes50 Silver
Recipe: Kimchi Tofu Stew50 Silver
Recipe: Meaty Asparagus Skewer50 Silver
Recipe: Meaty Rice Bowl50 Silver
Recipe: Bowl of Echovald Hotpot
  • 35,000 Karma
  • 1 Gold
Recipe: Plate of Crispy Fish Pancakes
  • 35,000 Karma
  • 1 Gold
Plate of Imperial Palace Special
  • 35,000 Karma
  • 1 Gold
Bowl of Jade Sea Bounty
  • 35,000 Karma
  • 1 Gold

Winn Schwartzmeier

The last merchant you can find in Arborstone is Winn Schartzmeier. This NPC will sell the same recipes as Daxx, along with the following beverage items.

Bottle of Rice Wine16 Copper
Bottle of Juniberry Gin16 Copper
Draught of Hunter's Ale16 Copper
Flask of Blood Whiskey16 Copper
Bottle of Red Wine32 Copper

"Canach Says" Consoles

"Canach Says" Consoles are small machines that can be found around the club. At a console, you can participate in a memory game; the console will display a symbol that you must repeat back, with the string of symbols gradually becoming longer. There are different difficulties, allowing you to work your way up to harder memory games.

If you successfully complete a game, you will be rewarded with Canach Coins. Below, you can check out how many coins you will earn based on the console's difficulty.

  • Beginner: 10x Canach Coins
  • Advanced: 20x Canach Coins
  • Expert: 30x Canach Coins

Events At Club Canach

There are two events that happen at Club Canach. First, is the moa race. This is a simple event where you must pick a moa that you think will win the race. After the choosing period is over, the race will begin. To get to this area, head to the far right side of the club and head up a staircase. Once up here, you will see the course, with several moa standing at the starting line. If the event is about to begin, you can speak with Tigg Thundergrowl to pick your moa.

The reward you receive for the event depends on the moa that you chose. For example, if you chose the first place moa, you will receive a Gold tier prize. Additionally, if you pick the winning moa, you will receive the Exotic Canach Stash, which contains 100 Canach Coins.

The second event that takes place in Club Canach is a coin-gathering challenge. This event can be started by speaking with Tigg Thundergrowl (or a console behind him) at the location shown above. This is on the righthand side of the club, near the location of the moa race starting line. After speaking with him, you will join the event and have eight minutes to gather as many coins as you can.

Gathering coins for this event is done with your Jade Bot, meaning that you need to have one to participate. With your Jade Bot, you will fly around the club gathering coins. At the end of the event, you will be able to keep all the coins that you collected.

Club Canach Achievements

There are three achievements associated with Club Canach. Below, you can check out the achievement, as well as what the requirements and rewards are.

Fan of the BandDonate to the band's funds.

  • In total, you will need to put 5,000 Canach coins in the tip jar near the stage in Club Canach.
  • 3 Achievement Points
  • 'Jazz Connoisserur' Title
Winn's Favorite PatronTip Winn.

  • Upon speaking with Winn, you can tip him.
  • In total, you will need to tip him 50 gold.
  • 3 Achievement Points
  • 'Winn's Favorite' Title
Lucky GuessPick the winning moa racer in Club Canach.

  • In total, you will need to pick the correct moa five times.
  • The winner of the race is random, so there is no strategy for picking the winning moa.
3 Achievement Points

How To Obtain Canach Coins

Canach Coins are rewarded by participating in the "Canach Says" consoles and coin-gathering event mentioned above.

Additionally, you can find Canach Coins inside Shrine Guardian chests on any map after unlocking the Commercial Hub mastery for Arborstone. Shrine Guardian chests are associated with the following achievements. After successfully finding the Shrine Guardian Infant, you will open a chest that contains a variety of treasures, including Canach Coins.

  • Spiritual Childcare
  • Little Foxes in the Big City
  • What Did the Shrine Guardians Say?
  • Dead Play

That's all there is to know about Club Canach. Next time you are visiting Arborstone, be sure to swing by and listen to the jazz band!

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