Guild Wars 2: How To Get Every Mastery Insight In Bjora Marches

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  • Aberrant Forest Insight
  • Asgeir's Legacy Insight
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  • Ravenfrost Caverns Insight
  • The Lost Kodan Ship Insight
  • Frozen Waterfall Insight
  • Drakkar's Lair Insight

Bjora Marches is an area in the Far Shiverpeaks, and part of the Icebrood Saga in Guild Wars 2. Bjora Marches is a harsh and cold environment, making ill-prepared travel inadvisable. If you want to unlock special features in the Bjora Marches, like Raven Gates and Essence Manipulation, you'll need to train your Icebrood Saga Masteries.

Icebrood Saga Masteries can be earned by spending Mastery Points, which are gained largely from Mastery Insights that can be found around the map. There are a total of seven Mastery Insights scattered around Bjora Marches. Let's take a look at how to find and get to each of them.

To reach most of these Mastery Insights, you will need access to the Springer mount and Raven Gates. If you don't have either of these Masteries, return to the Insights you can't get later once you've unlocked them.

Aberrant Forest Insight

To get the Aberrant Forest Mastery Insight, start at the Jora's Keep Waypoint and head west along the path, then turn south just before you reach the Raven's Gate Point of Interest. Follow this path south into the Aberrant Forest until you reach the rock face at the south end of the forest. Here, jump up the cliff on your Springer to reach the Mastery Insight.

Alternatively, if you have the Raven's Flight Mastery unlocked, you can use the Raven Gate nearby to teleport you to the top of the cliff, placing you right next to the Insight.

Asgeir's Legacy Insight

To reach this Mastery Insight, follow the same path as above from Jora's Keep to the Raven's Gate Point of Interest. Here, turn north and follow the path towards the Gates of Svanir Point of Interest. Next, simply head inside Asgeir's Legacy and interact with the Mastery Insight.

Note that this area will only be accessible after the Storms of Winter meta event has been completed. If the meta has not been completed, Asgeir's Legacy will be covered in Fraenir's Ice Storm, which will deal high damage when near the area. Help complete the Storms of Winter meta to open this area and claim the Mastery Insight.

Fallen Mountain Overlook Insight

Start at the Jora's Keep Waypoint, then head north. When you reach a rocky cliff face, either use the nearby blue Bouncing Mushroom or your Springer mount to ascend the cliff and reach the Mastery Insight. Be sure to kill or hide from the enemies at the top of the cliff.

Ravenfrost Caverns Insight

From the Jora's Keep Waypoint, head southwest along the path towards the Ravenfrost Caverns. Activate the Raven Lock with the Raven Bond Mastery, then turn left and follow the ramp towards the Insight. Then, use your Springer to jump to the level the Mastery Insight is on.

The Lost Kodan Ship Insight

To get to the Lost Kodan Ship Mastery Insight, start at the Still Waters Speaking Waypoint. Head slightly southwest towards the Kodan Shipwreck, then cross the platform bridge to get onboard. Follow the wooden path to the left, then take a sharp right turn into the cave opening. Inside this icy cave is the Mastery Insight.

Frozen Waterfall Insight

Start at the Still Waters Speaking Waypoint and head north, then east towards the Shrine of the Resilient Ox. Here, use your Springer mount to jump up the rock face at the north-most part of the Shrine. Jump up the frozen waterfall until you reach the Vista, then head east across the top of the waterfall until you reach the Medium Chest of Resilience. Use your Springer again to jump up the frozen water, then jump again to reach the Insight.

Drakkar's Lair Insight

The final Mastery Insight can be found by first starting at Still Waters Speaking Waypoint. From here, follow the path south across the Fractured Lake. Continue south towards the Frigid Dunes, then turn west into the Cavern of Lost Sons. Here, use your Springer mount to reach the Raven Gate on the west side of the cave, which will teleport you to the Whispering Depths.

This Raven Gate will only be active if the Drakkar meta event is not currently running. Help complete the meta event or return later to access the Raven gate and Whispering Depths.

In the Whispering Depths, the Mastery Insight can be found by jumping across a series of wooden beams and platforms. Follow the path in the image above and look for the next beam or rock to jump to, moving northwest and south around the cave. At the end of the jumping puzzle, you will reach the Drakkar's Lair Mastery Insight.

If you fall while jumping at any point, you can use the Raven Gate in the water below to return to the entrance of the Whispering Depths. You do not have to complete the light puzzle that is also in this area to get to the Mastery Insight.

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