Guild Wars 2: Master Seeker Achievement Guide

Grothmar Valley is the homeland of the Charr in Guild Wars 2, and a level 80 explorable map in the Icebrood Saga. In the Blood Legion's Blood Keep, you can find the Charr cub Calix, who will ask to play hide and seek with you.

There are several locations Calix can hide around the Blood Keep, making him difficult to find. There are also several achievements associated with playing hide and seek with Calix, including the Master Seeker and Practiced Seeker achievements for finding Calix in less than 60 seconds. Let's take a look at every location you can find Calix in, and how to find him in less than a minute.

Every Calix Hiding Spot Location

In the image above, you can see every possible location Calix can hide in. A more detailed description of each hiding spot can be found below.

Location NumberNotes
0This is Calix's starting location. Speak to him here to begin playing hide and seek.
1To the left of a metal pole in the north part of the Keep Kitchen.
2On the second floor of the Keep Kitchen to the south.
3Underneath the ramp into the Blood Keep building.
4Behind the forge with the large spinning gear in Auris's Workshop.
5Behind the north wall of the Rank 'n' File Pub, next to a tree.
6Behind crates and barrels to the left of the Rally Provisioner Merchant.
7Behind the large keg barrels in the Rank 'n' File Pub.
8Underneath a Charr Tank, close to the larger back wheel.
9Behind a Charr Tank near the Blood Keep Main Gate.
10Behind the tree near the Blood Keep Main Gate.

The spot Calix is hiding in changes each time you play with him, so you'll need to search each spot quickly and thoroughly if you want to find him as fast as possible. We recommend starting with the locations nearest where you first talk to Calix, then expanding your searching range from south to north.

If you were able to find Calix within 60 seconds, then the Master Seeker achievement will be yours. If not, you can try again immediately by heading back to Calix's starting location. Keep trying until you are able to find him in 60 seconds and snag this achievement.

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