Guild Wars 2’s Third Expansion, End Of Dragons, Releasing In 2021

Big things are in store for Guild Wars 2, as ArenaNet has announced that the game’s third expansion will be launching in 2021. Titled End of Dragons, the content will bring players to the island nation of Cantha, an unexplored region that has been forgotten for over 200 years.

Chauncey Gammage, Chief Operating Officer at NCSOFT West, said that “Guild Wars 2 has endured for the better part of a decade because of its innovative gameplay, rich storytelling, and passionate fanbase. As the game’s incredible fantasy world prepares to grow once agin with the End of Dragons expansion, we are excited to bring this universally acclaimed gaming experience to Steam users around the globe.”

We only saw a brief glimpse into the new world coming to Guild Wars 2, but fans are no doubt excited to receive another massive expansion, as it’s been three years since the second one – Path of Fire – was released. You can check out the trailer below:

Beyond the new expansion and Steam compatibility, we also learned that all players who own Path of Fire will be able to unlock a new skill for their Skimmer mount. Anyone who logs in starting today will have an in-game message that starts a special Collection, culminating in the acquisition of a new skill that lets the Skimmer dive underwater. ArenaNet was quick to point out that this will be the first mount in the game that is able to explore the “depths of Tyria.”

To celebrate the game’s eighth anniversary, the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Standard and Deluxe editions will be discounted by 50% starting on September 4. ArenaNet is no doubt trying to get players all caught up before releasing End of Dragons, and hopefully the slashed prices will give more players access to its premium content.

Expansions almost always help boast a game’s playerbase and, with the announcement that Guild Wars 2 is also coming to Steam, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this classic MMO.

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