Guybrush Threepwood Voice Actor Says To Let Monkey Island Artists "Do Their Thing"

Guybrush Threepwood's voice actor has commented on the Return to Monkey Island art style controversy, telling fans to let the "artists do their thing".

Just a few months ago, Return to Monkey Island was revealed to much excitement from its fans. Despite the excitement, the art style received a lot of criticism when it was first revealed, something that's been brought back up now that a second trailer for the game has been released. The discourse has gotten so bad that creator Ron Gilbert shut down comments on his site and said that he's not going to share more on the game for some time.

Following the discourse, Guybrush Threepwood's voice actor, Dominic Armato, posted a long thread on Twitter sharing his feelings on the situation, noting that, while it was nice that the fans care so much about the game and series, they should let the Return to Monkey Island artists "do their thing".

In the thread, Armato shared several thoughts, saying, "I’ll confess, I was really surprised to see some folks react as they did to the look of Return. I loved it so much that it just never even occurred to me that others might not. But hey, that’s how I feel about it and we don’t all have to agree! In defense of some folks who have said they don’t like the new style, I don’t think it’s fair to assume they’re retro-fascists. I mean… some are, sure, but there’s no reason somebody can’t be totally open to a new art style and just not be particularly enamored of this one."

He continued, "Try to contain your shock, but I tend to fall into the “let the artists do their thing” camp. As mentioned a couple of months ago, I love that while core threads endure, every game in this series has its own style, its own quirks, its own strengths *and* its own weaknesses. That to me is far more interesting and fun than so many modern franchises that find a formula and keep running it through the photocopier. I don’t want Monkey Island preserved in a jar of formaldehyde to be dusted off and taken down from the shelf once or twice a decade".

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