Halo Infinite Forge Leak Reveals Giant Master Chief

Halo fans were made to wait an additional year after the Xbox Series X launched for Infinite. The wait for certain parts of the latest Halo game continues, but hopefully, those waits are close to coming to an end. The first signs that Forge might well be ready to go have started to appear online, and a glimpse of a Giant Master Chief is just one sign that it might well bring a lot of players back to Inifnite when it launches.

The first looks at what players will be able to do in Infinite's Forge mode have started to leak online, as highlighted by Forbes. Forge was first introduced in Halo 2 and has been an element of every mainline game in the series since. It allows players to have fun with the game's maps, editing and competing on them with friends. The massive T-posing Spartan spotted in the leaked footage is presumably a statue, and not something that is going to move and wreak havoc on the game, although that does sound fun.

Scaling the oversized Master Chief and doing battle with others along its arms and on its head sounds fun too, though. Some of the leaked footage also shows off the ability to combine weapons. Originally a glitch in Halo 5, 343 Industries seems to like what it saw and has attempted to turn it into an actual featue in Infinite's Forge.

Even though testing for Infinite's Forge appears to have begun, there's still no word on when it will be playable for everyone. In fact, there hasn't even been official word on when beta testing will begin. 343 is focused on Inifnite's co-op campaign first. The aim is for that still-absent mode to be added to the game by the end of August, with the studio confirming beta testing for co-op campaign will begin a week from now on July 11.

Six months on from its launch, Infinite still appears to be something of a mixed bag for Halo fans. Xbox and 343 clearly want this to be a Halo game people play for years. It's no accident it's called Infinite, and that's why seasons and a battle pass have been introduced. Co-op campaign and Forge will hopefully give the game a boost, and making the seasons a little shorter might help too. Season one was six months long, and season two, which is underway, will be the same length.

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