Halo Infinite Player Is Building An Infection Map Set On A Moving Train

Halo Infinite's ever popular Forge Mode has been out quite a while now, as players have been regularly showing off their creativity with stunning recreations of locations we know and love. Two recent examples are one player that managed to recreate the entirety of Whiterun, while another recreated Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard just in time for the Christmas period.

Unsurprisingly, we now have yet another individual to bring to you who has been flexing their Forge skills, creating a slightly smaller but much more technical map. Shared by u/Zezno on the Halo subreddit, they show off the progress they've made with their new Infection map which takes place on a moving train.

As can be seen in the video below, u/Zezno shows off the interior of the train before moving to the outside and along the side of the carriage. The scenery is whipping by at a pretty fast pace before the player ducks back into a different carriage. With tables upturned and trollies tipped over, the map gives off strong Train to Busan vibes, which will only be amplified when you have a team full of rampaging zombie Spartans with energy swords trying to take you down.

Unfortunately, the map isn't quite ready to be doled out to the general public. The creator states that the map is in the "early stages" at the moment, and that they haven't quite figured out how to get weapons and bodies to zip by when they're thrown off as it's actually the map that moves around the train rather than the train itself.

Still, it's an impressive piece of Forging that will eventually get over the line, hopefully sooner rather than later. For now, why not go play another game in Valkyrie, the Forge-made remake of the legendary Halo 3 map Valhalla that many fans will be well acquainted with.

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