Halo Infinite Players Are Split On The Cat Ears

Halo Infinite's community is split on the introduction of a helmet that gives your Spartan cat ears.

It's no secret that Halo Infinite's had a bit of a problem with its cosmetics over the past month. Players have shown disappointment in the customization options found in the battle pass, the price of the items in the store, and the general lack of promised options. However, the recent introduction of the "Purrfect Audio" helmet attachment has split the community even more.

On the one hand, there are a lot of players currently wearing the cat ears in multiplayer matches and saying that it's a fun move from 343. One Redditor, Riceatron, said, "They're the perfect accessory. Even if they're Mark VII locked, they still work on every helmet. They're gimmicky enough to not really belong in a themed battle pass or reward. They're literally the exact thing a cash shop is meant for, not selling me regular shoulder pads and helmets for 10-20 bucks."

On the other, Halo fans take their Spartan customisation pretty seriously and don't find silly attachments and joke armours all that funny when they have real issues with the game's armour. One Halo player, Oneness118, posted on the subreddit, summing up how the community has reacted to the cat ears.

They said, "Everybody hated the price of items. Everybody complained about microtransactions. Present-day: everybody supports microtransactions. Remember, those cat ears cost more than food from your local store. Cat ears. Yes, cat ears that now everyone is wearing and the trend will soon die off when another cosmetic comes into play. For $10… Waiting for more content but uhhh, cat ears comes before forge and fixing custom games and playlists and co-op right?"

This is far from the first time that the Halo community has been split about cosmetic options. When Halo 3 introduced the alternate armour sets in the "Mythic" season, the community was equally split on those as well, arguably more so than with the cat ears. There were a lot of negative reactions to the discovery of Santa hats in Infinite as well, which should probably just show that most Halo fans are interested in these kinds of unlocks.

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