Harvestella: 10 Most Beautiful Locations In The Game

The world of Havestella is a vast and expansive place where you’ll visit countless different environments to see beautiful sceneries laid out in front of you. Whether you’re going to the top of a mountain, exploring deep-sea ruins, gazing at cherry blossom trees as their petals float around you, or even visiting space, Harvestella has beauty around each corner.

But because Harvestella is a mix between Final Fantasy and Rune Factory, even the most mundane of environments look great. However, there are a few environments in particular that consistently show off the craft that Square Enix and Live Wire put into the game.

11/11 Nemea Town

One of the first locations you’re able to travel to upon reaching the third act of the story is the beautiful town of Nemea. Due to the crystal-like seaslight that’s located nearby the town is in a perpetual state of spring.

Because of this, as you enter the town, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful cherry blossom trees surrounding it, with their petals gently floating in the air around you. The town’s architecture only complements the environment by showing off its gorgeous marble-like features. As it gets closer to night, the pink of the trees and the white of the marble mix together, displaying light pink across the town.

10/11 Shaltolla

The second town you can go to after reaching the third act of the story and traveling through the Jade Forest is the seaside town of Shaltolla. And because of the seaslight located near this town, it gives off a permanent state of summer, perfectly fitting the beach town aesthetic.

As you enter, the first thing you’ll notice is how the town looks like it’s taken directly from a coral reef with aquatic life on the surface and a beach on the side. From there, if you explore more, you’ll find a cave that can either lead to the mysterious shop or an overhead platform that allows you to look out at the gorgeous ocean.

9/11 Higan Canyon

The first area you’ll go to in the game to rescue Aria and discover the fall seaslight is the stunning Higan Canyon. This place perfectly encapsulates the autumn aesthetic with beautiful orange trees, rushing rivers through the countryside, and a backdrop of an endless forest.

At night Higan Canyon only gets better as the area looks like it’s being engulfed in flames due to the orange-tinted trees and plants in the vicinity. Higan Canyon is also the only seaslight you can see from Bird’s Eye Brae, where when you look out, it resembles a torch in the midnight sky.

8/11 Njord Steppe

To get to each town on the map, there are certain middle areas that you need to go through first, with Njord Steppe located between Lethe Village and Nemea Town. The site is a large open plain with a variety of low-level monsters that resemble deer, plants, and even clouds.

Njord Steppe itself is a beautiful valley-like area with bright green grass and steep purplish blue walls on either side. There are also multiple side paths you can take going along this route which can lead to overhead areas that look out upon the beautiful sights.

7/11 Heaven's Egg

Heaven’s Egg is the first significant dungeon you explore after going through Nemea Town in the spring seaslight. The area has an ancient ruins aesthetic combined with the beautiful spring greenery and cherry blossom trees to create a peaceful-looking abandoned ruin.

As you get closer to the end of the Heaven’s Egg area, you’ll notice that you now tower above most of the ruins and can see a heavily clouded pink area and tall skyscrapers out into the distance. It’s a very beautiful area where you also get the chance to fight a boss once you reach the end.


5/11 Holy Capital Argene

The last town you’ll travel to after passing through the Silent Cave is the gorgeous Holy Capital Argene, where the winter seaslight is located. This town is always underneath a heavy blanket of snow that constantly reflects the time of the day in an almost spiritual way.

In the town, the main cathedral is reflective of typical gothic architecture, which is accentuated by its being draped in snow. However, the best time to look upon the holy capital is at night, when the snow and buildings reflect a light blue, making the place look perfect against the starry sky.

4/11 Phantasmagoria

After traveling to Abandoned Eden and moving out into the world to search the abandoned facilities on the old planet Earth, the first location you stumble upon is a theme park called Phantasmagoria. Theme parks are typically happy and lively places, but against an always orange sky followed by silence, it’s a bleakly beautiful sight to behold.

Phantasmagoria is filled with empty rides and monsters that are mostly machines. As you explore, the haunting soundtrack in the background, paired with sights like a still Ferris wheel and open teacup rides, gives a gloomy abandoned quality.

3/11 Seaslight Factory

Although the Seaslight Factory is a small minor area in the game, it’s still a very beautiful sight to behold upon entering for the first time. It’s located in the Orbital Cradle after having to go through the backends of the space elevator to get to the very top in search of your companion, Aria.

Upon entering the Seaslight Factory, you see a giant manufactured seaslight that is clearly bigger than any you’ve seen so far. Surrounding the seaslight is a massive room filled with technology that glows, putting a shine on the seaslight as it stands in the middle.

2/11 Stella Nursery

The Stella Nursery is the final area in the game that you visit by entering a giant laser beam that appears in the middle of the map. It’s a strangely mysterious yet beautiful place where you’ll find rock platforms for you to traverse and a giant crystal-like sky above.

Occasionally when crossing the rock platforms, they’ll be covered in clear white ice, which reflects the shimmering blue and green crystal ceiling. There are also floating cave systems filled with purple, green, and blue plants that work nicely alongside the nearly pitch-black enemies.

1/11 Coral Shrine

After traveling to Shaltolla and following the main quest there, you are then given access to the Coral Shrine area located in the middle of the sea. To get there, you go by submarine and dive into the depths to see the beautiful pristine underwater city where the sirens used to live.

This place is easily the most beautiful area in the entire game, with the fantastic blue and green architecture as a backdrop to the underwater atmosphere. Along with the amazing yet somber soundtrack playing in the background, this place is one of the most heart-wrenching areas to play through.

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