Hasanabi Gets A "C-Word Pass" After Twitch Banned Him For Saying Cracker

Almost a year ago now, Hasanabi was banned from Twitch for saying the word "cracker" as a pejorative. Twitch explained at the time that saying "cracker" violated its racial slur guidelines, while everyone else was surprised that "cracker" even registered on Twitch's radar. Twitch took quite a bit of flack, eventually reinstated Hasanabi, and even promised to reconsider its racial slur guidelines, although not before others fell afoul of the dreaded c-word.

We thought that would be the end of the cracker saga, but today, cracker producer Wheat Thins provided Hasanabi with the definitive last word. "The pass," as Wheat Thins called it, allows Hasanabi to say "cracker" in any context in perpetuity, a power that comes with "great responsibility."

"The pass," is basically a plaque award that came in a box full of Wheat Thins crackers. "It is our unique pleasure and privilege to bestow upon you 'the pass,'" wrote Wheat Thins in its letter to Hasanabi. "With this award comes great responsibility."

Although appreciative, Hasanabi was quick to call the whole thing a PR stunt for Wheat Thins. "Wheat thins have betrayed the white race," joked Hasanabi. "They have allowed me to be able to say the word 'cracker' just so they can get a quick ad in there."

Hasanabi said he planned to hang "the pass" on the wall next to his computer so that he can point to it whenever he uses the c-word in the future–something he seems to be emboldened to do after getting carte blanche from Wheat Thins. He also said that this award applies to his moderators, which isn't specifically stated in the award, but who’s going to argue with a cracker pass?

The whole "cracker" saga really highlighted just how big of a gong show Twitch has become over the past year. If it wasn't hate raids from armies of racists and homophobic bots, it's underage gambling or Russian propaganda. And then there's the Keffals saga, where transphobic Twitch users both swatted and sent Keffals into hiding. This eventually led to the destruction of Kiwi Farms, a known hate group that was so toxic that it even got booted off of a Russian ISP mere hours after transferring from Cloudflare, which had likewise banned the group.

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