Here’s A Complete Route Farming Guide For Weapon Materials And Ores In Genshin Impact

There’s a lot to remember in Genshin Impact when it comes to material farming locations. And with each new patch, the need for additional crafting goodies becomes more critical as new weapons are introduced. Thankfully, one kind soul has created a guide to get you through the grind.

If you’re a player anything like myself, you’ve spent hours memorizing the ideal routes for ascension material gathering, hunting ores, farming enemies, etc. It’s a bit of a pain, and even using the map pin system in-game isn’t the most helpful at a quick glance. There’s too much to mark, and everything just starts to run together after a bit. And if you aren’t methodical about the process, you run the risk of missing items and not resetting their timer. This can leave you missing out on days worth of much sought after crafting goods.

On Reddit, AegisD posted one of the most helpful guides we’ve seen yet in the form of a comprehensive crystal farming route guide. The locations for tons of those high demand blue gems are all mapped out, and the guide even outlines different routes depending on how much time you have to farm. You can check out the full guide over on the Reddit post.

They outline a quick, balanced, and complete route depending on what you’re interested in at the time. The quick route speed runs you through but nets you the least, while the complete route will send you to every little location and earn you a whopping 165 crystals. The map is for Genshin Impact patch 1.1, but honestly, there’s not much missing here since the world of Teyvat has only added the small section of Dragonspire since.

Folks really seem to love it so far, and I’ll certainly be putting the map to use myself. Users also followed up with more requests, asking AegisD to consider monster farming and ascension material routes. Right now, it sounds like they’re still working on other guides we may see soon.

Mihoyo just dropped the newest update to Genshin Impact’s open-world last week in the form of a new area, Dragonspine. You can explore it now and even pull for the new five-star hero, Albedo.

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