Here’s What Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters Would Be Like As Pokemon Gym Leaders

I’ll be honest, this is definitely NOT the first time that fans of both Pokemon and Avatar: The Last Airbender have taken a stab at crossing the universes, but this particular case certainly bears some merit.

Reddit user ChillNinetales didn’t just attach a list of Pokemon to each member of Team Avatar and called it a day. First, they put a sweet infographic with colored icons and a very dynamic image of Sokka. Second, they even came up with a brief storyboard for how Sokka came across each of his Pokemon in the crossed-over universe.

First up is Marowak which Sokka has named Boomerang. Any fan of the show will find this one pretty obvious as Sokka loves his boomerang more than life itself.

Next is Toxic Basculinity, a Basculin so named because Sokka both loves to fish and because he eventually rids himself of his toxic gender conceptions throughout the course of the show.

Hawky is Talonflame, an obvious reference to season 3, episode 7’s “The Runaway” when Sokka gets a pet messenger hawk. Hopefully the Talonflame version of Hawky sticks around longer than a single episode.

Aegislash as Space Sword is an interesting choice given that Sokka never used a shield in the show. Honedge seems like a more appropriate choice, but it seems that only maximum evolutionary forms are allowed here.

Raiku for Foo Foo Cuddlypoops is an equally interesting choice since Cuddlypoops should be a saber-tooth moose lion baby and not a feline god of lightning. We’ll chalk this one up to creative license and the fact that every Pokemon team has to have at least one Legendary Pokemon.

And finally, we arrive at Quench. In season 2, episode 11, Team Avatar is forced to march through the desert in search of water. Sokka finds some inside a cactus, but then discovers that particular species of cactus produces fluid with hallucinatory properties.

Sokka tripping balls and inventing the word “quenchiest” is probably the funniest thing you’ll see in a kids cartoon.

Check out this comment to see the story of how Sokka came across each of his Pokemon, and stay tuned later today for Katara’s team.

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