High On Life: 10 Best Characters In The Game

There are first-person shooters, then there is High on Life. The game created by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, is something you have to see to believe. It is raunchy, explicit, and full of wild characters. They aren't just NPCs, either. The actual weapons in the game speak to you and have their own thoughts.

Whether you chat with them on your quest or use them to take on the G3 Cartel, the characters in High on Life have plenty to say. They play a huge part in world-building and interact with you and each other to ensure there's no downtime between conversations in this space adventure.

10/10 Sweezy

Sweezy is a sassy gun you collect on your journey through High on Life. Her abilities allow you to shoot crystals that detonate, and she can even slow down time. You'll find that she has a comment on just about every situation.

She is outspoken regarding the other Gatlians and will always back you up against the G3 Cartel. While many of the other characters provide comedic relief, Sweezy tends to keep things serious. She gets down to business.

9/10 Gus

Though he also resembles a frog, Gus is a Gatlian that acts like a shotgun. He's cool and much more grounded than the other weapons you'll come across. His special skills allow you to shoot discs to dismantle enemies, create climbing platforms, or suck enemies in like a vacuum and take them out up close.

You'll hear him chime in every now and again about what's happening. He's definitely the most open-minded character in the game, and you won't hear any complaints from Gus as you're decimating the G3 with him.

8/10 Lizzie

The role of the slightly annoying sister is taken by Lizzie. She starts the game as a typical bratty sibling but eventually becomes a supportive ally. This is after she realizes that you are truly the only hope for saving humanity.

She and Gene tend to butt heads, but you'll eventually see her start to take a liking to alien worlds and even find herself an alien boyfriend. No matter what happens, she will always be the main character's sister, and you'll have to make choices to keep her safe.

7/10 Gene Zaroothian

Gene Zaroothian acts as your mentor in High on Life. He was once a galaxy-famous bounty hunter, but he's fallen on hard times. While you look to save Earth, Gene parks his alien body, which he's clearly let go of, on your couch.

He and Lizzie get into several arguments, and he has strong opinions on every aspect of your journey. At the end of the day, though, Gene's guidance leads to your success. Just make sure you don't interrupt him while he's watching your television.

6/10 Jorb

You will often head to Mr. Keeps, a pawn shop located in the main hub of Blim City. As you enter, you'll be greeted with a crass message from the teenage alien sitting at the counter. This is Jorb, the owner's son.

Jorb constantly disrespects you and his father. He is rude, but it is some of the best comedy in the game. If you stand around Mr. Keeps long enough, the conversation between Jorb and his dad will escalate. He constantly degrades Mr. Keeps with the humor you'd expect from High on Life.

5/10 Creature

Creature is one of the many Gatlians you can save during a playthrough that come along for the ride and allow you to use them as weapons. This one is perhaps the most enthusiastic of all the Gatlians in High on Life. Creature sees the good in just about everything you do.

When you find Creature, he'll explain that his ammunition is actually his children. You can shoot his kids out of him to solve puzzles or to gang up on G3 Cartel members. He has no memory of his past life because of experimentation, but he's always down to help the cause.

4/10 Lezduit

You don't meet Lezduit until very late in the game, but he is the most powerful weapon you'll come across. This Gatlian was once Kenny's best friend. He is labeled as a multi-target arc laser. This means he unleashes a massive electrical shock that wrecks multiple enemies at once.

He's fixed by Gene, but the former bounty hunter doesn't get it quite right. This leaves Lezduit to only say his name, sort of like Groot or a Pokemon. Still, hearing his battle cry of "Lezduit!" when he has reloaded is utterly comical.

3/10 Knifey

Knifey's name gives away what kind of character he is. He's a loud and sadistic knife that you obtain in High on Life. The only thing Knifey wants to do is gut the G3 bosses that you hunt down across the different alien worlds.

Without Knifey, you wouldn't be able to turn in any bounties. You also wouldn't be able to dish out powerful melee attacks when enemies get too close. He provides grappling capabilities and is the only way to open Lugloxes, the in-game loot boxes. You'll want to satisfy his need to stab, so he doesn't get cranky.

2/10 Kenny

Kenny is your sidekick throughout the entirety of High on Life. He's the first weapon you find when Earth is invaded, and several plot points revolve around his past. Kenny, voiced by the creator, gives words of wisdom and attempts to be stern when you do something you probably shouldn't have.

As a pistol, Kenny's fire rate is semi-automatic. He can knock over barricades or send enemies flying with his Glob Shot. He'll be your partner through every battle and bounty. This nervous Gatlian won't shut up, but at least there won't be a single moment where you feel alone.

1/10 Slumsley

You will have to enter the Slums of Blim City to proceed through the story. Slumsley is a character you'll meet right when you enter the Slums. This kid has a big mouth and will call you all sorts of names as you try to make your way past him. He will keep egging you on as Kenny tells you that he won't let you shoot the kid.

Well, for an achievement, you have to. Even though Slumsley's time in High on Life is short-lived, he is very memorable. The annoying child is revealed to be 30, so he's not much of a kid in human years. Still, he serves as a brutal and hilarious introduction to what you can expect in High on Life.

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