High On Life Overtakes Minecraft As Most Popular On Game Pass

High on Life might not have been the most anticipated game of 2022, but it has managed to stand out and is doing extremely well on both Xbox and PC.

As reported by Twitter user Benji-Sales, High on Life is currently the number one “Most Popular” game on Xbox Game Pass. It has managed to dethrone games like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5. Despite a lukewarm critical reception, the game has proved a hit with fans, and is clearly a success on Game Pass where players can enjoy it for no extra cost.

Some fans argued that the game is only popular on the Xbox ecosystem, but it seems to be doing pretty well on Steam. As of now, it is the seventh top-selling game on Steam, right behind War Thunder, Apex Legends, and FIFA 23.

Inspired by Justin Roiland’s Rick and Morty, the game sticks to its wacky roots and has a lot of quirky elements as well. The game’s is built on the back of Roiland's sense of humour, so if you gel with that you'll likely find this a fun experience. It also has some weird ways to unlock Achievements, which the developers think are funny. It even manages to poke fun at Fallout’s invincible kids and lets you watch the entire Tammy and the T-Rex movie in-game.

High on Life’s success is not just a win for the developers but is also a boost for Xbox. Phil Spencer has admitted that Xbox hasn’t really released big first-party games in 2023, and it hardly made any announcements at The Game Awards 2022. Reaching the top of the charts shows that Xbox is still capable of putting out hits.

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