Hollow Knight: Silksong World Premiere Teased For Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest is almost upon us. Well, technically it started last Thursday as Sony's State of Play officially fell under the event's banner. Summer Game Fest doesn't really get underway until this coming Thursday though, at which point Geoff Keighley will host a show jampacked with new info about upcoming games, and maybe even some first looks at ones we still don't know much about, like Hollow Knight: Silksong.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a good world premiere arrive in your inbox,” Keighley tweeted on Sunday night. Just the one sentence, nothing giving away what exactly that world premiere might be. However, a reply from Matthew Griffin, who has been handling the marketing side of things for the Hollow Knight sequel, to Keighley's tweet appears to have given the game away.

Griffin replied with nothing more than “I approve of the tease.” Five words that have proved to be enough to convince Hollow Knight fans that they will finally get a first look at the long-awaited sequel three days from now, and rightly so. It would be a little strange for the person in charge of Silksong's marketing to reply with something like this if there isn't going to be a reveal, and even worse if Griffin is doing so to trick Hollow Knight fans after how long they have been made to wait.

Silksong was first announced in 2019 and was intended to be DLC. However, it eventually evolved into an entirely new game, hence the gap between that initial reveal and well, pretty much any additional information whatsoever. There have been a number of false starts when it comes to Silksong's official reveal, including a leaked release date for earlier this year which proved to be inaccurate, and then an expected reveal at Nintendo's Indie World last month which didn't happen.

Summer Game Fest will fill the gap left by the cancellation of E3 this year. The opening showcase will take place this Thursday, and a first look at Silksong would almost definitely go down a storm and likely be one of the highlights of the entire show, perhaps even the whole opening weekend. Especially since Keighley has revealed most of the games on show this Thursday will be titles that have already been announced.

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