Horizon Forbidden West: How To Beat A Tremortusk

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If you've been following along with Horizon Forbidden West, you'll already recognize the Tremortusk. This larger mammoth machine is iconic, and is quite capable of destroying you and a whole village.

When you come face to face with one, you'll want to know the best – and fastest – ways to bring it down. Here's everything you need to know about beating a Tremortusk.

Tremortusk Summary

The Tremortusk is a large metal mammoth that you'll likely want to stay away from. They can be mean, and pretty fast when they want to be. Their tusks deal a lot of damage on impact, and they'll walk all over you if you don't keep on top of the situation.

Below are the strengths and weaknesses of a Tremortusk:

Frost DamageFire Damage

To override a Tremortusk, you'll need the data from the Cauldron KAPPA. For any loot that you need, check the overview page in the notebook once you have scanned one with your Focus.

How To Beat A Tremortusk

A Tremortusk can be a tough foe to fight. Their sheer size and ferocity are almost immediately overwhelming, and you'll want to keep on top of the battle at all times.

  • Dodge Through The Tusk Sweeps – Once move the Tremortusk favors is to start sweeping its tusks. This can go on for a while, and dodging each one can be difficult. As such, when it starts sweeping, dodge towards the Tremortusk – it will continue moving forwards with its sweeps, but you will be safely behind it. Use this time to recover, reload, or get some hits in.
  • Watch Out For The Canons On Its Back – That being said, landing yourself behind the Tremortusk isn't an easy ticket to safety – it has components behind it that are capable of shooting projectiles at you, so watch out for those. If you end up behind it for a moment, focus on removing those canons with impact damage.
  • Take Out The Tusks ASAP – To stop any more unwelcome sweeping attacks, you should prioritize removing the tusks entirely. Shoot them with your most powerful impact damage – either Sharpshot Bows or Spike Throwers – and get those tusks off. You can also loot these as separate components if removed, so it's worth doing.
  • Jump Or Dodge Over The Shock Waves – Another attack the Tremortusk loves is to slam its front legs down and emit a shockwave on the ground. Rather than panic, get back as much as possible when you see it stand up. Then, when it slams down, either jump over the shock wave or dive through it. This will save you from being stunned and open to any follow-up attacks.
  • Shoot The Electric Orbs – This mammoth just doesn't stop, as it can also summon electric orbs above itself. These will then move towards you, and any of them will stun you and deal shock damage. When you see these orbs, shoot them with arrows to destroy them as quickly as possible.
  • It Has An Explosive Underside – On the belly of the beast is a Blaze Sac. Shoot this enough times with impact damage, and it will explode, dealing a large amount of damage to the Tremortusk. It's most vulnerable when the machine is standing upright, but watch out for it slamming back down.

Keep all of this in mind when facing down the Tremortusk, and it will fall quickly. Focus on the tusks and the explosive underside to deal the most damage early on. From there, avoid as many attacks as possible and damage any remaining components with either impact damage or frost damage. Harder difficulties will mean you'll have to dodge more attacks and lay on a fair bit more damage, but keep at it with frost damage, and it will be defeated.

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