Horizon Forbidden West’s Shimmering Visuals Glitch Is Fixed

Horizon Forbidden West undoubtedly looks gorgeous. The lush green, shiny chrome, and flowing red stand out as soon as you start the game. However, some players have noticed that the visuals have a shimmery layer coated over them. I noticed this glitch when I first booted up the game too – it was slightly disorienting, and I couldn't figure out what the issue was, so I chalked it down to tired eyes.

It appears that my eyes are blameless, as a number of players reported encountering this glitch. Some Redditors suggested switching on motion-blur as a temporary way of mitigating the issue – and it did work, but not at the desired level. Guerilla did eventually take notice of the reports and put out a quick fix for it.

"Hi everyone, thanks to your helpful feedback we've located a visual shimmering issue when playing the game. We're happy to inform you that this is now resolved; please restart the game twice for this to take effect," tweeted the studio. Restarting the game twice is definitely an unconventional method of dealing with this, but as the developer mentioned, "Restart it once for the fix to download, and a second time for the fix to activate!"

Forbidden West has had quite a launch, receiving a warm reception by critics and fans alike. Aloy even managed to get onto the cover of Vanity Fair's Italian issue for the month of February. In a feature titled "Aloy e la rivoluzione", or "Aloy and the revolution", author Ofmario Manca says, "With her freckled cheeks and her austere appearance, Aloy has managed to redeem an industry. Aloy is neither mother nor spouse, nor supporting actor or helper, but a strong and courageous woman who, in a world where gender differences no longer exist."

That's not all though. In a recent interview, legendary director John Carpenter said he "cannot wait" to get his hands on Horizon Forbidden West. It looks like the game lived up to his expectation as he later took to Twitter to praise Ashly Burch's performance, saying, "Ashley Burch triumphs as Aloy in HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST, the new sumptuous, epic action game."

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