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Every mom has been there. You try to do something nice for your kids, and in return, you just want one photo. Is that too much to ask? For Kim Kardashian — and moms everywhere — yes, it is. The SKIMS founder just shared her struggle to get a decent family photo with her four kids, and it’s everything you would expect from four little ones.

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“All North wanted was to meet @takashipom on our trip to Japan!” Kardashian wrote on Instagram.  Thank you Murakami for opening up your creative bubble for us and bringing some of your magic to the kids. ✨”

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But while they were meeting the famous Japanese contemporary artist, chaos ensued. In the first picture, Murakami crouches on the floor with his hands raised and smiling, while Kardashian stands next to him holding her 5-year-old daughter Chicago on her hip. Chicago is looking warily at the camera, with her head resting on her mom’s shoulder. She doesn’t look too excited to be there, but her reaction is nothing compared to 7-year-old Saint. He has thrown himself on the ground and is crying in an epic meltdown. 3-year-old Psalm and 9-year-old North are the only kids smiling and looking generally happy to be there.

“It would have been nice if they weren’t fighting LOL and we got a decent picture but hey?!” Kardashian quipped in her caption. Hey, sometimes you just have to take what you can get when it comes to family photos!

Slide to the next picture to see everyone standing up. Chicago is even looking at the camera this time and smiling. North is making a goofy face at Saint, and he is glaring at her with a level 10 death stare, complete with his arms crossed and his chin tucked down. He’s also standing noticeably distant from the rest of the family. Clearly, the two eldest siblings are having some beef (when are kids ever not fighting?), but Kardashian decided to just embrace it like all moms have to do at one point or another.


  • The Comments Were So Supportive

    Image Credit: DeFodi Images via Getty Images

    The comments were supportive, with so many people relating to Saint.

    Paris Hilton wrote, “😍.”

    Someone else commented, “Saint is me most days.” “Angry Saint is cracking me up,” another wrote.

    “Psalm is so unbothered 😂,” another pointed out.

    “The second picture, I felt that in my soul 😂,” someone else said.

  • This Isn’t The First Time Kim’s Struggled With Taking Photos

    Image Credit: Getty Images

    The Kardashians star has opened up in the past about how difficult it is for her to get family photos with her four kids. Many of the star’s 2021 Christmas photos featured North giving the middle finger to the camera.

    “Most of the photos I saw were unusable because North was sticking out her middle finger,” Kardashian said in a confessional in The Kardashians, per Insider. “Taking a family photo is the most stressful time in my life, like no matter what.”

    “You could never predict what our Christmas card is going to be like because it’s just so stressful,” she continued. “They always cry. Nobody gets along.”

  • Kardashian and Her Kids Have Had a Great Time in Japan

    Image Credit: PSG via Getty Images

    Despite the drama with the family photos, Kardashian and her kids have been having a wonderful time in Japan. She dressed up in pink with her daughters as they explored Tokyo, they went to a famous hedgehog café, drove race cars in an arcade, and so much more.

    The meltdown pictures will just be one of the many memories she can look back fondly on in the future (or at least, find a way to laugh about later). 

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