How To Find And Hunt Seagulls In Red Dead Online

Seagulls are a menace to society. Have you ever seen a seagull swallow a hot dog whole? Well if you haven’t, you have not yet truly experience fear. If they can do that to a hot dog, then a larger seagull could easily swallow a man. Or, failing that, a child. As such, I can only ever encourage the act of thinning the seagull ranks, especially the large mutant ones. And in Red Dead Online, I won’t be the only person telling you that you should be hunting them down.

In this guide, we’re going to go over where you can find all of the different gull varieties in Red Dead Online, how you can hunt them down, and how you can kill them. They offer a variety of small-time rewards as they are fairly common creatures, but you just may happen across a daily challenge or two for seagulls somewhere down the line, making this information invaluable. If you have a challenge you need to clear, or you just want to get your petty revenge after having your ice cream stolen at the beach, then just scroll down below for everything you need to know about seagulls in Red Dead Online.

Van Horn

If you explore the area around Van Horn you should be able to find some seagulls, though they’re not always simple to spot and shoot at. If you go to the North of the town near the beach area you should be able to spot some birds flying or resting nearby – shooting them down will reveal whether or not these are the birds you’re looking for.

Again near Van Horn, try looking just to the South of the town and checking near some rocks. If you’re lucky you should be able to find some seagulls just sitting around of the rocks entirely unsuspecting of the bullets you’re due to shoot into them. Make sure to loot whatever they have to offer once you’re done with your dastardly deeds.

Saint Denis

You should also be able to find seagulls near Saint Denis, just to the West. Check the railroad bridge posts, and see if there are any birds perching nearby – if so, get ready to shoot them down.

Anywhere Else?

Seagulls are all over the place in Red Dead Online, they’re just not all that easy to spot. One of the things you should remember is that they are not called “seagulls,” and will instead have a more specific name. Here are the birds you want to watch out for.

  • Herring Gull
  • Laughing Gull
  • Ring-billed Gull

If you see any of these you can rest assured that these are the avian blighters you’re looking for. Shoot them down and take their loot. Hopefully, this guide has set you on the path to clearing out a few of your challenges – good luck!

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