How To Get A Siege Turtle In Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons

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  • Step 1: How To Get To Dragon's End
  • Step 2: Completing The Meta Event – The Gang War Of Echovald
  • Step 3: The Siege Turtle Achievement Chain

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons brought tons of new content to the MMORPG that fans had been clamoring for, like a fishing mechanic and a new mount: the Siege Turtle! These can be ridden by two players, with one person driving and another person attacking.

To get the Siege Turtle, you'll need to go through a multiple-step process: reaching Arborstone and the Echovald Wilds, successfully finishing the Meta event there, and then completing an achievement chain. We'll review the process in this article!

Step 1: How To Get To Dragon's End

You can access Dragon's End through the Echovald Wilds map. Just head to the far east and travel through the portal near the Jade Gate Waypoint.

Step 2: Completing The Meta Event – The Gang War Of Echovald

The Meta Event in the Dragon's End is called 'The Battle for the Jade Sea.' To unlock the Siege Turtle achievement change, you need to participate in the meta event and your map needs to win.

Check in the LFG system for groups that are actively trying to complete the meta, rather than just hanging around until it starts.

Step 3: The Siege Turtle Achievement Chain

Once you've successfully beat Prototype XJ-1 for the first time, you'll get a turtle egg and unlock a new achievement called 'Stomping Around.' This is the overarching achievement that all other Siege Turtle collection achievements are found under.

1 – Take The Turtle Egg To Rota

The first thing to do is take your egg to Arborstone where an expert, Rota, can help you hatch it. She's right in the centre and is marked with an achievement icon on your mini-map, so she won't be tough to find.

After a brief conversation with her, you'll hand over the egg and start the first achievement: Starting Small!

2 – Complete The 'Turtle Unlock: Starting Small' Achievement

The first achievement, Starting Small, asks you to collect food for your turtle. You'll need to collect raw ingredients and give them to a little mech called 'Fidget' (which is found near Rota in Arborstone).

Collection ItemRaw Ingredients Needed
Box of Chopped Kale
  • Kale Leaf (x250)
Pack of Chopped Carrots
  • Carrot (x150)
Pile of Chopped Lettuce
  • Head of Lettuce (x250)
Bowl of Chopped Strawberries
  • Strawberry (x250)

You could farm these ingredients out in the open world but, considering how many you'll need, your best bet is probably to purchase them in bulk off the Trading Post.

3 – Complete The 'Turtle Unlock: Getting Stronger' Achievement

Return to Rota after finishing the first part. The second achievement, Getting Stronger, is much like the first – you just have to collect ingredients and give them to Fidget. This time, you'll be looking for fish!

Collection ItemRaw Ingredients Needed
Bowl of Chopped Fine Fish
  • Fine Fish Fillet (x100)
Bowl of Chopped Fabulous Fish
  • Fabulous Fish Fillet (x50 – it says it requires 20, but this is an error)
Bowl of Chopped Flavorful Fish
  • Flavorful Fish Fillet (x10)
Bowl of Chopped Fantastic Fish
  • Fantastic Fish Fillet (x5)

This achievement is a great excuse to go fishing, which may be a mechanic that you've been too busy to take advantage of! It doesn't require nearly as many ingredients as the previous achievement, but you can still buy the fish fillets off of the Trading Post if you'd rather not be bothered to do all that fishing.

4 – Complete The 'Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up' Achievement

Return to Rota after finishing the second achievement. The third and last achievement requires a bit of running around. It's a collection achievement where you'll have to hunt down items by completing certain events and challenges in Cantha.

NameHintHow To Obtain
Luxon ToolsHint: Obtained from the remnants of the Jade Maw in Dragon's End.Complete the event and kill the Jade Maw at Miner's Folly in the Dragon's End map.
Turret PlansHint: Purchased from Elora in New Kaineng City
Turret Power UnitHint: Obtained from the Aetherblade Renyak in Seitung ProvinceComplete the meta event, Aetherblade Assault, in Seitung Province and successfully kill the final boss.
Alleola OilHint: Obtained by helping Doireann gather sap within Echovald Wilds. Derived from alleola sap gathered from the Forever Tree of Echovald ForestComplete an event at the Forever Tree in The Echovald Wilds map called 'Collect sap for the restoration ritual before the plants stop producing it.'
Deluxe Leather SeatingHint: Ripped from the gullet of a mighty leviathan off the coast of Seitung Province or New Kaineng City.Kill an Adolescent Leviathan, which can be found at the Seitung Harbor (in Seitung Province) or the Kaineng Docks (in New Kaineng City).
Thruster PlansHint: Purchased from a tengu spy in Echovald Wilds.
Thruster Control UnitHint: Obtained in the Ministry of Security Strike.Complete the Ministry of Security Strike Mission.
Saddle Color SelectionHint: Unidentified dye can be purchased from the trading post.Give 25 unidentified dyes to Fidget in Arborstone.

5 – Get Your Turtle Buddy!

Finally, return to Rota to get your very own Siege Turtle mount!

Note: a previous version of this article mistakenly said that you needed to complete the meta of the Echovald Wilds map to unlock the achievement. We apologize for any confusion.

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