Invader Zim Voice Actor Criticizes Smite X Nickelodeon Crossover As It "Would Not Go Union”

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl brought back our favourite childhood cartoons in a format which we're bound to love – beating the hell out of each other. To top it off, a free update later added voice acting using the same voice actors as their TV personas. It seems the Nickelodeon crew is in high demand, as a bunch of them will now be fighting gods in a crossover with Smite. However, their versions in Smite may sound a bit different.

As spotted by PCGamesN, Invader Zim actor Richard Horvitz, has revealed that Smite developer Hi Rez Studios has used non-union voice over artists for the Nickelodeon characters making their way to Smite. In a rather exasperated tweet, Horvitz slammed both, the Smite developer as well as Nickelodeon for entering into a deal while excluding the original voice over artists who are part of the union.

"For the record: @SMITEGame made a licensing deal with @Nickelodeon for the use of Nick characters including Zim. @SMITEGame would not go union and @Nickelodeon allowed this not only is it offensive it is disrespectful. Make no mistake the Zim skin is NOT ME!!!", said Horvitz's tweet.

The entertainment industry in the USA has strong unions, like the SAG-AFTRA, which ensures fair wages and proper working conditions for its members. By hiring non-union resources, a company may be able to get work done for cheaper rates and bypass certain terms and conditions that union resources come with.

Nickelodeon's crossover with Smite kicks off on July 12, and will see the likes of Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, Rocko, Powdered Toastman, and XJ9 come to the MOBA as skins for Janus, Cupid, Danzburou, Gilgamesh, and Freya respectively. The voices in the trailer for the crossover definitely sound a bit different from their original versions.

"'Excited' doesn’t even begin to explain how our team reacted when the news broke about the Nickelodeon crossover," wrote design director AJ Walker of Titan Forge Games. "Our team dove into the project with animated enthusiasm, developing imaginative ideas and amazing content. While we’ve worked with the Paramount team before, this crossover covered so many different generations of childhood television that it brought up a lot of nostalgia for the team."

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