It’s 2021, But Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator Is Launching With Xbox Kinect Support

A new simulator from Strange Scaffold has been announced, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Gather up some kidneys and lungs and go wild like you’re profiting off the black market. Only, you can do so with the support of the Xbox Kinect accessory which launched 11 years ago – for those who thought it was a dead relic, this may come as a surprise.

Given the game’s appearance as a menu-heavy simulator which is played through a trading terminal, it’s certainly strange to see that it supports the Kinect, the same peripheral used to make the infamous Han Solo song possible and the very same peripheral that, last year, somebody used to play Super Mario 64.

Although, if playing with Microsoft’s motion-tracking device isn’t your thing, Space Warlords does support a mouse and keyboard – perhaps people will simply plug in the Kinect to make for an interesting, YouTube-bait playthrough.

As of writing this, the game sports a staggering 31 organs but, developer Xalavier Nelson Jr. told Rock Paper Shotgun, “If I finally wake up in the dead of night and decide, once and for all, that teeth are actually an organ, [more may be added].”

So, it’s an organ trading simulator, but what about the ‘Space Warlords’ part of the title? Well, there are several with one being a talking dog – no, not Marvel’s Russian hound called Cosmos – who goes by Chad Shakespeare. If you think that naming scheme is quirky, Nelson is also working on a game for Strange Scaffold dubbed An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs.

There has yet to be a concrete release date, so for now, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator is set to release in 2021 at some point on Steam. Yes, it supports the Xbox Kinect, but if you want to use it, you’ll have to plug it into a PC. As for requirements? Well, you need 4GB of RAM, at least Windows 8, 2GB of Storage, and, under “Sound Card,” the Steam page says, “Please.”

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