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Judgment is a spin-off title of Ryu Ga Gotoku’s popular Yakuza franchise. It’s set in the same fictional city of Kamurocho and sees players stepping into the role of private detective Takayuki Yagami as he investigates the serial killer known as “the Mole”. A lot of the gameplay is familiar to fans of the Yakuza series, and there are plenty of quirky and interesting sidequests for players to explore.

One of the optional tasks that players can undertake is finding all of the stray cats throughout their playthrough, which when completed, will unlock the “Oh Look, a Cat!” accolade. You can look for cats during Active Search Mode sequences at specific points of the storyline. These cats only appear at exact times, making them and their related accolade missable. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a full guide here on where to find each one.

Finding Cats

The cats that count towards the “Oh Look, a Cat!” accolade are only ever found during Active Search Mode sequences related to the main storyline, and there are 14 to find in total. There are other cats that you need to find as part of various sidequests, but they do not count towards the accolade, so we will not be covering them here.

While in Active Search Mode, if there is a cat nearby then you will hear it meowing, giving you a clue to their presence. Move the screen around to locate the cat and then “Focus” on it to get the “Examine” prompt. Examining each cat will count it towards your collection tally.

Cat #1 — Chapter 1 (Tutorial)

Active Search Mode: Locate your drone

As this is your first cat, it is super easy and can be found on top of an extraction fan just in front of you.

Cat #2 — Chapter 1

Active Search Mode: Find the security camera

Head backward, away from the direction you are facing, and when you hit the barrier wall you will see the cat in the doorway on your left.

Cat #3 — Chapter 1

Active Search Mode: Look for Kaito

While video-calling with Kaito, turn around and you will find the cat on a vending machine just to your right.

Cat #4 — Chapter 1

Active Search Mode: Use the drone to find Murase

You’ll be focusing on a certain building to find Murase, but before you start looking in windows for him, fly to the top of the building and you will see the cat on the corner closest to you.

Cat #5 — Chapter 1

Active Search Mode: Turn on the room lights

This particular Active Search Mode sequence begins when you enter the security room, however, the cat is not in this room. Instead, look to your left and you will see a window — the cat can be found on the floor just to the right of the area you can see through the window.

Cat #6 — Chapter 1

Active Search Mode: Find the security cameras

Move forwards towards the barrier at the far end of the alley and the cat you need to find is hidden behind the tall illuminated sign to the left.

Cat #7 — Chapter 2

Active Search Mode: Investigate where the corpse was found

The only cat to be found in chapter two is when you are investigating where the corpse was found. Look for the stack of yellow boxes and you will see the cat just above them.

Cat #8 — Chapter 4

Active Search Mode: Clear Hoshino-kun’s Name

Don’t bother looking around the office for this cat, it’s not inside the building. Head to the window on your right and look out to see the cat sat atop a dumpster out on the street.

Cat #9 — Chapter 5

Active Search Mode: Investigate Shintani’s corpse

The first cat to be found in chapter five is found just outside of your office. Head to the window behind the record player and you will see this black cat down on the street.

Cat #10 — Chapter 5

Active Search Mode: Investigate the bed

This cat is probably one of the hardest to spot in the game, especially without a guide. Move over to the window and examine the base of the pillar and you will see the cat lying just to the left of it.

Cat #11 — Chapter 7

Active Search Mode: Investigate Kaito’s Ruckus

Head towards the truck at the end of the alley and you will see a knocked-over sign lying just to the left of the truck. Hidden behind the sign is your next cat.

Cat #12 — Chapter 8

Active Search Mode: Search for three outlets

Go to the window on your left and you will see that the blind closest to you does not reach down all the way. You can see the lower half of the cat you need in the small gap right there.

This is a timed Active Search Mode sequence, so be quick about finding the cat and then completing your objective.

Cat #13 — Chapter 9

Active Search Mode: Find Shono

Head forwards a little and then turn towards the right. On the other side of one of the windows here is the next cat you need.

Cat #14 — Final Chapter

Active Search Mode: Find the gold keycard

Your very last cat is found in the final chapter. Look out the window to the right of the blocked door and zoom in to find a cat to the left of the tree that is closest to you.

This is a timed Active Search Mode sequence, so be quick about finding the cat and then completing your objective.

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