Kandagawa Jet Girls: How To Succeed With Treadmill Mini-Game

In Kandagawa Jet Girls, there are multiple mini-games that will give you coins when you succeed, and the treadmill is a toughie. You’ll need to bring some Mario Party level mashing expertise into this.

This is how it works. The aim of the game is to catch hearts and maintain your balance on the treadmill to keep a good combo. As your chosen character, you can speed up by mashing the X button (or square button for PS4 players) and slow down by either letting go or tapping the button gently.

The number of points you gain can vary, depending on the size and the color of the hearts you collect. Pink hearts only net you a small number of points, while the red hearts give you the most. Yellow is the in-between. You obviously want to go all out for either the yellow or the red hearts, but the pink ones are also beneficial as they help you rack up combo points.

If you fail to collect a heart within 5 seconds (which is honestly hard to do) or fall off the treadmill, the combo points you gain reset to 0. That’s a good way to get a C score, and you don’t want that!

You will really rack up the points when you enter fever time. It is absolutely essential to collect the Rainbow Star when it appears because it gives you a rush of hearts to collect in a limited time; you can’t fall off the treadmill either so you can take more daring chances.

The key strategy is to stay near the middle at all times, so you can react accordingly. See a huge amount of hearts on the left-hand side of the screen? Mash quickly and then slowly descend back to the middle once all the hearts have spawned in that area.

What you want to keep an eye on is the bottom of the screen. Like Tetris, the game gives you a preview of what’s to come, and it also shows you the heart’s trajectory. Make sure you keep checking it while running so you know when and where the big scoring hearts will float towards your favored character.

You also want to keep checking the km/h dial and the level of speed the treadmill is going at. The higher the level, the more challenging it will be for your character to run. When you reach level 5, you have to mash the X (or square button) as fast as you can like your life depends on it. It will feel like your arm just had a workout after a session of the hard difficulty. Mario Party flashbacks, anyone? Try not to break a controller…or your finger. We found it best to lay the controller down on a surface.

If you succeed with an S rating, you will unlock a higher difficulty, which bags you a bunch more coins in Kandagawa Jet Girls. With this currency, you can unlock more upgrades to your jet ski, new costumes, artwork, and more. Good luck, because you’re going to need it. From what we’ve played, it seems like it’s randomized.

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