Kao The Kangaroo: The Dark Forest Walkthrough

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Kao The Kangaroo's The Dark Forest is a menacing stage filled with dangerous enemies, sentient vines, and deadly swamps. There are also a wide variety of collectibles wedged in every nook and cranny. Thankfully, we can tell you exactly where they all are!

One thing of note is this stage only has a few runes and a few chests. However, it has a ton of crystals. Some of these crystals seem to have been concealed by a real sadist, too. There are also quite a few heart pieces. Once you have finished this stage, you should be well on your way to another heart!

Step-By-Step Collectible Guide

Treasure Chests2
Extra Lives1
Heart Pieces3

On your right is the first crystal (1/12). There is another crystal (2/12) above you on a platform to your left. Jump up on the nearby rocks and grab it. Continue down the path until you encounter a clearing filled with stacks of coins, bear traps, and a couple of crystals. Grab the crystal (3/12) on the right side, using the bear trap spring to launch you upward. Pay close attention to the rock wall on the right, there is a gate tucked away that you can easily miss.

Roll under the gate and you will find a treasure chest loaded with coins. Once you finish with that clearing, you will reach a checkpoint bell. Now you will have to fight a flying enemy. Push forward, and you will have a brief platforming section. Jump from island to island, and don't dillydally, as there are thorny sentient vines looking to give you a lashing. Once you get past the sentient vines, take a left and climb around to that house you saw before with the crystal in front of it. Grab the crystal (4/12) and bust the door down of the house to grab a heart piece.

If you want, you can just jump on the level bell and double jump up to the house. That will skip the section with the sentient vines.

Back on the main path, enter the arena, and you will face a few frogsters. Once you have cleared them out, punch down the doors of the surrounding homes for some coins. Platform up to the roof of the house on the left. Then, jump on the trampoline. This will send you across the stage, to the bridge on the other side of the level. Follow this bridge and you will acquire the letter K!

You will now do some basic platforming, and gain the ability to enter the eternal world. This just means that when you punch purple crystals you will make purple platforms appear for a limited amount of time. Continue along the main path; the first rune (1/2) is just ahead. Just hit the dark crystals to make the platforms appear and you will be fine. There is a scroll (1/2) down below as well, so make sure to jump down and get it.

Now, you will get to use the boomerang. Use it to trigger the dark crystal and make sure to collect the crystal (5/12) from the middle platform. The next section will have you platform across a swamp with bear traps and a pendulum trap. There are two crystals (6/12 and 7/12) to collect here. On the left, there is a trampoline. Jump on it, and it will send you hurtling toward the letter A.

Jumping down from the platform that had the letter, go to your left (away from the frogster band). Roll past the spider; then make your way to the back of this area. You will find a challenge zone. But first, you should claim the crystal (8/12) and the scroll (2/2). You will need to move quickly and deliberately here, as the platforms start sinking fast. Start jumping the instant the first pendulum trap swings past you, and you will make it to the other side safely. Grab the treasure chest and then jump down and make your way to that challenge.

Eternal Well 1

The only thing you have to do here is defeat 15 frogsters. There are 3 crystals to collect here and a treasure chest. However, none of this stuff is hidden. Just make sure to watch out for the spring traps. There are all over the place.

Head back to where the frogster band is. Beat 'em all up. Then, roll through the waterfall on the left or the right. There is a treasure chest inside. Climb the object that was behind the frogster band. Once you reach the checkpoint, look behind you, jump up and grab the extra life. Now, you will have to contend with some fish that spit a slow-moving fireball. Just keep moving and you shouldn’t have a problem (you can also destroy the fireball with your air attack). If you continue forward you will find another gate with a gap underneath. Roll under it for your next challenge well.

Eternal Well 2

You just need to make it to the end here. You can attack the green orb above the spiders to beat them, or roll right past them. Either method works. There is a sneaky spike trap in the center of this area surrounded by crates. Other than that, all the crystals are easy to grab and you should be able to make your way to the end without too much effort. One thing to note, though: there is a treasure chest to the side of the platform where you fight the four spiders. It is easy to miss.

Now, platform across the water, and you will reach an area with a bunch of crystals up above you. You won't be able to get them yet; just sit tight. Continue forward until you run into a spiked door. Hit the button to the left of the door (it is on the ceiling). Enter into the next area, making sure to grab the heart piece in the cave (watch out for the spider).

There is also a crystal (9/12) hidden in the water here, it is the easiest to miss crystal in this stage! Now, you will continue up into an area where you will fight two flies. But we aren't ready to move on yet. There are two buttons here. One in the back corner on the ceiling, and one on the wall above the platform covered in traps. You need to hit the button on the ceiling and hit the button on the wall before the ticking sound finishes. Once you do that, a trap door will open up. Jump down and receive the letter O.

Now, you will reach a wall with a bunch of lines drawn on it. You need to make one continuous line. Start by punching the pieces on the ground so that they are up on the board. Now spin them by punching them. If you are struggling with it, just match the picture above. This will create a bridge; run across it to claim three crystals (10/12, 11/12, and 12/12).

Now, you will enter a frogster tavern. Spoil their fun and sock 'em all in the face. You can also drop the exploding barrels hanging above on them with the boomerang. Now, grab the treasure chest on the left, collect the last rune, and grab the heart piece on your right. Exit the stage victorious.

Where To Find The KAO Letters

KYou will find this letter in the area where you fight the gang of frogsters, this letter is hidden on a walkway above you.
AOnce you enter the area that has the frogster band playing music, there will be a house to the left. In front of that house is a trampoline; jump on it, and it will send you straight to the letter A.
OThe letter O is found in the area just before the line puzzle. You will need to hit both of the giant buttons quickly (before the ticking sound stops). This will open up a hatch that contains the letter.

Where To Find The Runes

Rune 1This rune is obtained during the platforming section that involves creating dark energy platforms
Rune 2This rune is right in front of the exit of the stage.

Where To Find The Crystals

Crystal 1This crystal is on your immediate right once you begin the stage.
Crystal 2You can find this crystal on a platform up above at the beginning of the stage (on your left).
Crystal 3This crystal is in the section with the springy bear traps. Just hop up and grab it.
Crystal 4This crystal is located next to the house with the heart piece inside.
Crystal 5During the segment where you hop between three dark energy platforms moving from side-to-side, this crystal will be hovering on the left, on the middle platform's track.
Crystal 6In the segment with a number of spring traps, this crystal will be hovering above one on the right.
Crystal 7In the segment with a number of spring traps, this crystal will be hovering just a little past the first one. It is on the main path, so it is pretty hard to miss.
Crystal 8In the same area that has the frogster band, you will find a path tucked away in the back corner. Follow this path, and it will lead you to a platforming section that holds this crystal.
Crystal 9This crystal is in the shallow water next to the heart piece (just a little bit before the line puzzle).
Crystal 10Once you clear the puzzle, this crystal will simply be on the main path.
Crystal 11Once you clear the puzzle, this crystal will simply be on the main path.
Crystal 12Once you clear the puzzle, this crystal will simply be on the main path.

Where To Find The Scrolls

Scroll 1This scroll is located under the first rune in this stage. Once you create the dark energy platforms you will be able to hop down and grab the scroll. Be careful, as it is pretty close to the water.
Scroll 2In the same area that has the frogster band, you will find a path tucked away in the back corner. Follow this path, and it will lead you to a platforming section that holds this scroll.

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