Kao The Kangaroo: The Hot Springs Walkthrough

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The Hot Springs is one of the most unique stages in Kao The Kangaroo. It has mechanics that are exclusive to this stage. You will be climbing on ephemeral platforms, sliding down frozen slopes, and battling a whole host of baddies in the process. The Hot Springs even ends with a unique mini-boss!

This stage isn't solely about platforming, though. Like every other stage in this game, it is also lined with collectibles. Unlike every other stage in the game, however, The Hot Springs arguably contains the single most devious collectible of them all in the form of its scroll. Luckily for you, we have done all the heavy lifting already. You just need to follow this guide!

Step-By-Step Collectible Guide

Treasure Chests4
Extra Lives2
Heart Pieces2

Start by working your way through the spa, taking out fingers as you go. You will eventually land in a room with a waterfall feature and a net overhead. Use the boomerang to freeze the water. Climb up and grab the first rune (1/4). Now, hop over to the net and climb across to get the heart piece. Lastly, there is an ice wall in this room. Melt it and claim the letter K.

In the next area, you will slide down an icy slope. Grab the coins and hop over the gaps. Once you finish this section you will be greeted by your second rune (2/4). On the right side of the stage is a checkpoint bell. This is where the most sadistic collectible in the entire game is hidden. Jump up onto the checkpoint bell, then hop onto the beam under the window. While on the beam, roll under the window; you will fall into a room that holds this level's scroll (1/1).

In this next segment, you will be introduced to the carryable dark crystals. These will cause platforms to manifest underneath you. To your right, there will be a room with a crystal (1/10) floating above a pool. Grab that crystal while dodging flying sheep.

Back to the dark crystal platforming segments. Continue until you see a crystal (2/10) across the way, step on the platform bouncing between the two spots and get that crystal. There is also an extra life behind the ice wall nearby. Roll into the next area; there will be an ice wall on your right. Melt it and enter the room it was protecting. Destroy the dark crystal and fight off some goons. You will be rewarded with an extra life. There is also a treasure chest in the back room.

Now, move toward the opposite direction of the ice wall you just melted. You find another carryable dark crystal. This one, however, can be turned off and on. Pay close attention to the platforms underneath you, as if there is a fully manifested platform underneath; it will disappear when it comes in contact with the dark crystal turned on. You will cross a bridge. To your left will be another crystal (3/10). Set the dark crystal down so that you can get it.

Continue across the bridge until you enter an area where you place the crystal on a pedestal. Now, in the this area, you can platform over to get a treasure chest. Head back to the next area and pick up another carryable dark crystal. Now, drop down into the area below. You will see the letter A across the way. Jump over and get to it.

The next segment is the final crystal carrying section. You will cross a long, convoluted bridge that will force you to frequently alternate between the crystal being on and off. Just be careful and you will find success. Once you are through it, freeze the water. Now you can skate around and collect the coins that were above the water. However, before you do, jump into the nearby cave.

In this area, you will encounter a familiar sliding block puzzle. You will need to freeze the water, so if you don't have an ice charge head back out and grab one (there are a ton floating around). Once you slide the block into place, hop up and find the Eternal Well.

Eternal Well 11

You will need to take out 15 fringers here. Make sure to be careful around the bridges: they fade in and out. Your best bet is to stay on solid ground until you have taken all of them out. After that, carefully collect all five of the crystals scattered throughout this area.

Now, back to the lake you froze. You can head toward the entrance and claim the crystal (4/10) there. There is also a treasure chest opposite the Eternal Well. When you have collected everything, head through the doors. Once you go through the doors, you will hit the dark crystal and travel a frozen rail. Stay on the rail until the last second so that you can get the extra life.

From the rail, you can jump onto a slide to your right or your left (it doesn't really matter which). Once you reach the end of the slide, you will be greeted by the third rune (3/4). Now, work your way to the outside walls. Hop up and you can grab a heart piece. From the heart piece, you can jump over to the second floor of the building. Enter into the central room and grab the crystal (5/10). Now, look for an ice wall. Melt the wall and grab the letter O.

Exit through the doors next to the checkpoint. You will slide into an area that is covered in ice. There are fans to either side of you. There is a crystal behind both fans (6/9, and 7/9). There is another crystal (8/9) sitting on the right side of this stage. Finally, light the boomerang on fire, then throw the flaming boomerang at the frozen grappling point. Swing across the gap; you will encounter the final crystal (9/9) as well as a treasure chest.

Now, use the ground pound on the slab made of ice in the middle of the stage. You will then fall down into the area where you will fight a gang of fringers. Next, you will fight a mini-boss: The Pogo Bouncer. Just hop over its shock waves and punch it until it goes down. As a reward, you will be given the final rune (4/4).

Where To Find The KAO Letters

KIn the room with the waterfall you freeze, the letter K is behind the ice wall.
ADuring the third Dark Crystal segment, after you drop down at the beginning, turn around and this letter will be in plain sight.
OThe letter O is found on the second floor of the building you end up in after the second icy slope section.

Where To Find The Runes

Rune 1This rune is obtained in the first area where you freeze the water.
Rune 2After the first icy slope section of this stage, you will encounter this rune.
Rune 3You will acquire this rune after the final icy slope section.
Rune 4This rune is obtained by beating the Pogo Bouncer

Where To Find The Crystals

Crystal 1This crystal is in the room to your left in the first dark crystal platforming section.
Crystal 2During the last part of the first dark crystal platforming section, this crystal will be on the other end of the room. It is accessible via a moving platform.
Crystal 3You can find this crystal on the bridge, to your right, during the second dark crystal platforming section.
Crystal 4This crystal is accessible after you freeze the lake. It is close to the entrance.
Crystal 5After the second icy slope section, this crystal will be on the second floor of the building you are dumped into.
Crystal 6In the final area of this stage, you will find this crystal behind the fan to your left.
Crystal 7In the final area of this stage, you will find this crystal behind the fan to your right.
Crystal 8In the final area of this stage, you will find this crystal on the right side of this area.
Crystal 9In the final area of this stage, you will find this crystal in the hut across the gap. You will have to grapple to it.

Where To Find The Scrolls

Scroll 1This scroll is found at the first checkpoint. Jump on the checkpoint bell. Then, from there, jump onto the beam under the window. Roll under the window, and you will fall into the room which contains this scroll.

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