Kingdom Hearts 2 Player Manages To Kill Xigbar In One Final Form Combo

A skilled Kingdom Hearts 2 player has managed to defeat Xigbar in one unbroken combo using a combination of Final Form's incredibly long combo chains and some magic to keep him from breaking out of the combo.

Kingdom Hearts 2 has its fair share of challenging bosses, especially if you're playing in Critical Mode. Along with Xaldin and Roxas, most fans of the series would agree that Xigbar, who pops up towards the end of The World That Never Was, is another of those challenging fights thanks to his desperation move that requires perfect movement and his ability to teleport away for a constant barrage of ranged attacks.

It seems that not every Kingdom Hearts player has quite so much difficulty with Xigbar, however, as Redditor gojira03 shared a video of them managing to beat Xigbar in one unbroken combo just using Final Form and magic. In the video, gojira03 reflects a few of Xigbar's shots, before being hit by one of them and deciding that it was time to end this man's career.

The video then shows Sora turning into Final Form and catching Xigbar in an air combo, draining nearly three bars of his health in just a few attacks. At this point, Xigbar and other bosses can usually break out of the combo, but gojira03 chucks in a few well-timed Firaga uses to not only take even more health off of Xigbar, but also essentially reset the combo and keep him in it without breaking himself out with a teleport. The second Keyblade being used here is also Bond of Flame, which boosts Fire-related attacks, making it even easier to take Xigbar down.

This then allows Sora to repeat the combo, again using Firaga to make sure that Xigbar can't break out of it, eventually mugging him off completely in just one string of attacks. It's a clever showcase of how Kingdom Hearts 2's combat works and clearly comes from someone who knows the game well enough to essentially break the fight in the coolest way possible.

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