Kingdom Hearts 3: Moogle Shop Photo Mission Guide

While playing Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll come across various side missions you can complete on your journey, from cooking stat-boosting meals with Remy from Ratatouille to searching for hidden Lucky Emblems, as well as taking photos with your Gummiphone for a Moogle shopkeeper.

There are 20 different photos you’ll need to take for this photo-loving Moogle, and each one will net you a different reward. These rewards are generally accessories and rosettes that offer stat boosts and elemental resistances, so you’ll want to collect all 20 of them. The photo missions unlock as you progress through the story, so don’t forget to come back and check what’s available every so often.

Photo Mission 1 – Flame Core

“I need oven mitts to handle that hothead, kupo.”

For the first Photo Mission, the Moogle wants a photo of a Flame Core. These Heartless are found early in the game.

Location: You’ll find plenty of Flame Cores in Olympus. Head to the Overlook spawn point in Thebes and go down the stairs to your right. You should encounter a horde of them at the bottom. You might want to take a few snapshots of the Flame Core, as they move around a lot and the game might not register it on your first try.

Reward: Firefighter Rosette

Photo Mission 2 – Water Core

“That fiend keeps getting my pom-pom wet, kupo!”

The Moogle is looking for a photo of a Water Core this time.

Location: Water Cores can be found most easily in Monstropolis. Jump to the Ground Floor spawn point in The Factory, hop in the elevator and go up one level. Walk past the first group of Heartless until you reach a room with yellow pipes. A bunch of Water Cores should spawn here. Like with the Flame Core, make sure to take a few pictures until it registers.

Reward: Umbrella Rosette

Photo Mission 3 – Chief Puff

“Fluffy doesn't always mean nice, kupo!”

The Moogle is looking for a fluffy Heartless – Chief Puffs.

Location: Chief Puffs are found in the Kingdom of Corona. Head to the Hills spawn point in The Forest. Turn around as if you’re going back into the forest and keep going past the first group of Heartless that spawn. Soon after, a Chief Puff will spawn right in front of you.

Reward: Mask Rosette

Photo Mission 4 – Hercules Statue

“I can't get over those chiseled muscles, kupo.”

The Moogle wants a picture of the Hercules Statue in Thebes.

Location: The Hercules Statue is in Agora, Thebes. Simply head to the Agora spawn point and you should see the statue directly ahead, currently under construction.

Reward: Cosmic Ring

Photo Mission 5 – Beasts and Bugs Wall Display

“Mechasmasher's busting through the wall, kupo!”

The Moogle wants a photo of the Beasts and Bugs Wall Display in Galaxy Toys.

Location: The display is on the second floor of Galaxy Toys. Warp to the Rest Area spawn point in Toy Box and head to the Action store, which is on the north part of the map. The wall display is at the back on the right. Climb up one of the displays in the centre of the room and take a picture.

Reward: Soldier’s Earring

Photo Mission 6 – Rapunzel's Tower

“Who built that tower in the forest, kupo?”

One of the easier Photo Missons – the Moogle wants a picture of Rapunzel’s Tower in the Kingdom of Corona.

Location: Rapunzel’s Tower is in the Kingdom of Corona. Just warp to the Tower spawn point in The Forest, get closer to the Tower and take a picture.

Reward: Mage’s Earring

Photo Mission 7 – Festival

“Wish I could ditch work and see the festival, kupo.”

The Moogle now wants a photo of the festival happening in the Kingdom of Corona.

Location: The festival is located in the centre of the Kingdom. Head to the Thoroughfare warp point, then walk through the archway ahead of you. Take a picture here.

Reward: Moon Amulet

Photo Mission 8 – Fire In The Secluded Forge

“It takes a hot fire to forge lightning bolts, kupo!”

Now, the Moogle wants a photo of a forge in Olympus.

Location: The forge is a little out of the way. Jump to the Corridors spawn point in Realm of the Gods at Thebes, then walk up the small set of stairs just up ahead (rather than the slope to the left).

Walk past the water feature and up the stairs to the right. Jump on this water feature and ride until you reach the end. Go down the waterfall and you’ll fall into the Secluded Forge. Walk forward and you’ll see the forge right ahead. Go down to the anvil in the center of the room and take a picture from here.

Reward: Fire Chain

Photo Mission 9 – Zeus

“‘King of the gods’ to some, ‘Dad’ to others, kupo.”

The Moogle is talking about Zeus.

Location: Zeus is standing in front of the golden gates at Apex, Realm of the Gods. You can either spawn directly at the Apex spawn point, or, if you’ve just come from taking a picture of the forge, keep following the path upwards and you’ll find him.

Reward: Thunder Chain

Photo Mission 10 – Tram

“I love watching the tram go by at twilight, kupo.”

The Moogle loves the trams of Twilight Town.

Location: As you probably already guessed, the tram is located in Twilight Town. Just head to the Tram Common warp point in The Neighborhood and wait for the tram to come by.

Reward: Draw Ring

Photo Mission 11 – CDA Agent

“Give that hard worker in yellow a raise, kupo!”

That hard worker in yellow refers to a CDA Agent.

Location: CDA Agents are located in Monstropolis and can only be found in this world. Jump to the Tank Yard spawn point in The Power Plant. On the other side of the room, you’ll see a CDA Agent standing next to a wall of Monster Inc. crates.

Reward: Insulator Rosette

Photo Mission 12 – Ice Palace

“Somehow I doubt that palace has a fireplace, kupo.”

The Moogle wants a picture of Elsa’s Ice Palace.

Location: Elsa’s Ice Palace is at the top of the North Mountain in Arendelle. Head to the Mountain Ridge warp point of the North Mountain and the Ice Palace will be directly in front of you.

Reward: Blizzard Chain

Photo Mission 13 – Olaf

“I think I saw a walking, talking snowman, kupo!”

A shot in the dark, but the Moogle might just be talking about Olaf.

Location: After you’ve completed Arendelle’s story, Olaf can be found standing outside the Ice Palace. Take a picture of him while you’re there for the previous Photo Mission.

Reward: Snowman Rosette

Photo Mission 14 – Big Green Cactuar

“Wait, kupo… That green guy looks familiar, kupo!”

That familiar green guy is a Cactuar.

Location: The Big Green Cactuar is the one you made during Toy Box’s story, located in Kid Korral. Head to the Kid Korral spawn point and go back out of the vents and into the playroom. Jump down into the room, aiming to land on the circular surface below. Take a few steps back to get the full Cactuar into your picture.

Reward: Fencer’s Earring

Photo Mission 15 – Scarecrow

“He helps keep the birds out of the fields, kupo.”

The Moogle would like a photo of a scarecrow in 100 Acre Wood.

Location: Travel to the Tram Common spawn point of Twilight Town, then head to the Bistro and use Merlin’s book to get into 100 Acre Wood. Next to the huge pumpkin, you’ll notice a scarecrow with socks for ears. This is your scarecrow.

Reward: Slayer’s Earring

Photo Mission 16 – Evening Star

“There it is, kupo. My lucky star, kupo!”

The Moogle wants to wish upon an Evening Star.

Location: The Evening Star is located in San Fransokyo and only appears at night. Head to either of the city’s nighttime spawn points. Run up a tall building to get a better view, then look up to the night sky and you should see a single star, shining bright. Take a photo of the Moogle’s lucky star.

Reward: Star Charm

Photo Mission 17 – Fish-Shaped Wind Socks

“Those fish are swimming through the air, kupo!”

The Moogle wants a photo of the fish-shaped wind socks in San Fransokyo.

Location: Head to the North District: Day spawn point in San Fransokyo. Look up and you’ll see them directly above you. Run up one of the buildings nearby and take a picture of them.

Reward: Aero Armlet

Photo Mission 18 – Waterfall

“Stay by the falls to beat the tropical heat, kupo!”

The Moogle would like a picture of the waterfall in The Caribbean.

Location: Travel to the Fort spawn point in Port Royal, then take the stairs down to the left. Follow the path straight and you’ll find the waterfall. Stand on the bridge to get a good shot.

Reward: Aqua Chaplet

Photo Mission 19 – Demon Tower

“Show me a creepy, shadowy swarm, kupo!”

The Moogle wants to see a Demon Tower full of Heartless.

Location: Getting a photo of the Demon Tower can be a little tricky, but you can fight one in Monstropolis.

Head to the Tank Yard spawn point in The Power Plant. Go outside and grind along the pipe that’s on the left. When you get off, there’ll be a Battlegate in the centre of the room. Interact with the Battlegate and select “Yes” to engage in a fight with a Demon Tower.

Take a photo of it while you’re fighting – get as much of it into the frame as you can so that the game registers it. It might take a couple of tries before you get it.

Reward: Dark Chain

Photo Mission 20 – Sora's Party Members

“I moogle-salute all your fierce friends, kupo!”

For the last Photo Mission, you’ll need to take a photo of all Sora’s party members from across the various Disney worlds. Here’s who you’ll need to take photos of, and where you can find them:

Party MemberLocation
Donald and GoofyAny world
Woody and Buzz LightyearToy Box
Rapunzel and Flynn RiderKingdom of Corona (Rapunzel can only be found at the festival after you’ve finished this world’s story.)
Sully and Mike WazowskiMonstropolis
Captain Jack SparrowThe Caribbean
BaymaxSan Fransokyo
Reward: Petite Ribbon

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