Kingdom Hearts 3: Where To Find Every Lucky Emblem In The Hundred Acre Wood

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The value that the Kingdom Hearts games have all the way up to Kingdom Hearts 3 is that they serve as a time capsule. Both young and old players can play them and find themselves transported to the cartoon realms of their favorite childhood films.

While not all of them are as harmless as one would hope, they all have a certain amount of charm that awakens the wonder within. However, one world, in particular, feels the safest and comforting, and that's the Hundred Acre Wood. The home of Christopher Robin and his friends hides some secrets of its own.

Lucky Emblems In The Hundred Acre Wood

Unlike the other realms that Sora and his friends can visit during their adventure, the Hundred Acre Wood is special. Instead of being a whole world or planet that the heroes can travel to, the Hundred Acre Wood exists only in the pages of a magical storybook (which will only be accessible after you finish Monstropolis).

In some manner or other, the wizard Merlin has come into possession of this book. To find it, you'll need to go to Twilight Town and find the restaurant called Le Grand Bistrot. Merlin will be by a table outside and the book will be next to him. Open the book to enter the Hundred Acre Wood and locate the three Lucky Emblems.

Emblem Locations

  • Lucky Emblem #1: As soon as you arrive in the world, head forward towards a large pumpkin. The emblem will be on the other side of it.
  • Lucky Emblem #2: From the pumpkin, continue onwards through the gate and to the other side of the fence. Go to the corner where the gate makes a corner with the fence and look to the distance to find this emblem in the distance.
  • Lucky Emblem #3: Turn away from the fence and towards Rabbit's Howse. There will be some laundry and a bucket on the side. The emblem will be inside the bucket.

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