Kirby And The Forgotten Land: Where To Find The Five Lost Ducklings The Wondaria Dream Parade?

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In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, our pink hero lives to serve all creatures great and small. To complete the optional "Help the lost ducklings find their mama" objective in The Wondaria Dream Parade level of the Wondaria Remains region, you will need to help some very small creatures, indeed.

This side mission starts pretty early on in the level. By the time you spot your first duckling, you will have already pressed a switch to emerge through a garage door into the theme park, scooted by a roller coaster, climbed an orange ladder, and scooted past a second roller coaster.

The First Duckling

The first duckling is in an area where two Awoofies (the fox creatures that walk upright) and a Sword Knight are patrolling around a circular platform with a bench. Both in front of and behind the bench, roller coasters are speeding by that you will need to avoid. Hop up to the bench and the duckling will begin to follow you.

The Second Duckling

The second duckling is also seated on a bench. This one is across the roller coaster path from the bench where you found the first duckling.

The Third And Fourth Ducklings

To reach the next two ducklings, continue along the path from the bench where you found the second duckling. To get to the third duckling, wait for the ride to pass, then run toward the camera. In the bottom left, find the duckling on a bench. Note that moving into this area will draw the attention of an Orabiroo (the nearby rabbit enemy). Defeat it, and chase down any of your ducklings that might have gotten scared and run off.

Continue down the track until you're directly opposite a bench with a duckling and a Noddy (the sleepy enemy wearing a nightcap). Again, wait until the roller coaster has passed by, then run across. Defeat the Noddy and collect your duckling.

The Fifth Duckling

With four ducklings in tow, continue along the camera-side path until you reach the end where the roller coaster disappears into a tunnel. Here, you should see a path extending toward the camera. Follow it to find a nook where a duckling is sitting on a bench and a bunny is waiting to attack.

Dispatch the bunny, and stand on the glowing spot on the right side of the nook. Doing so will cause a trail of milk bottles to appear, which can replenish your health if you've been getting beat up by the roller coasters.

Follow the milk bottles and you will reach the mama duckling. If you have all five ducklings, she will greet them with love and thank you for your help with a big red coin.

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