Knockout City Teams Up With Among Us In Season 6: City Of Tomorrow

The dodgeball hit Knockout City has received Patch 6.0, with the new update making the game free-to-play and no longer requiring players to have a PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, or Nintendo Switch Online membership. In the extensive patch notes which contains details of new and returning features for Season 6: City of Tomorrow is an update that will bring in cosmetics from another popular multiplayer game.

Among Us has infiltrated Knockout City! Yup, in Season 6 players can earn exclusive Among Us themed cosmetics in the free edition of the Brawl Pass. These cosmetic items have sus names like "Note 2 Self", "Mini Crewmate", "In Electrical", and "Emergency Meeting!". So Knockout City players will soon be able to vent their frustrations in appropriate attire.

Season 6's theme is the Super Science Symposium which introduces a lot of suitably super-science themed items to earn and buy. Brawl Pass and Deep Space Dispatches are back, while League Play for this season has begun. There is also a new special ball Season 6: Boomerang ball. This ball, as can be expected, has some unique features.

"Your initial throw of a Boomerang Ball behaves just like a Basic Ball, it can be Charged, Passed, Straight Thrown, Curve Thrown, or Lob Thrown, and it deals one heart of damage. If you throw the Boomerang Ball and it hits a player, another ball, or level geometry, it will BOUNCE BACK to you using the same Throw Type you used in your initial throw", reads the notes, although there are further rules.

Knockout City is team-based multiplayer title for PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and was developed by Velan Studio and published by EA. Launched in May last year, the dodgeball-like game has become popular with players and received pretty good reviews, with TheGamer awarding it 4/5. It was nominated for Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards 2021, losing out to Hazelight Studios/Electronic Arts' It Takes Two.

The full patch notes can be read over on the official post by Velan Studios over on Reddit. The patch came into effect on June 1.

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