Kojima Productions Is Working On An Anime, Wants To Make Smaller, Non-Open World Games

As Hideo Kojima appears to have finished putting the final touches on his passion project, Death Stranding, fans eagerly await to see what he'll get up to next. As usual, he's very secretive, but a recent radio interview could shed some light on what we can expect from his studio in the future – and it's quite the departure from his most recent projects.

A translation of an interview Kojima did with NHK Radio says that his team is hoping to work on smaller games, that aren't open-world or shooters. Kojima Productions is also apparently working on an anime, which could be in the form of a film.

The interview, which was translated by Twitter user @Genki_JPN, and gives us some more details on the games Kojima has said he's working on. The game director has previously mentioned working on a game that is "new" and "challenging", and that seems to fit in with the smaller one mentioned here, as that would be quite different from his previous work.

As for the anime, this isn't too surprising given that Kojima Productions recently opened a TV, film and music division in LA. There's no elaboration on what this anime would look like, but a rough translation from later in the interview states the division is working on "drama, film and anime", which possibly refers to the same project rather than three separate productions.

But of course, this is Kojima Productions we're talking about, so there's still a big triple-A release in the works. Kojima already alluded to it when talking about the "new" and "challenging" game he's working on, but here he explained that it will be one that "everyone will say that they want to play". This hints he's looking to reach more widespread market appeal, getting the same conventional media attention that Death Stranding enjoyed thanks to its Hollywood cast.

Unfortunately, it also sounds like we'll have to wait a little longer until we find out what these games actually are. Kojima says the company has struggled to recruit new staff during the pandemic, so development will be slow.

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