League of Legends: How To Unlock The Illusive Samira Rank S Emote

A new Samira Rank S Emote has been appearing in some League of Legends player’s inventories seemingly at random lately, leaving many baffled as to why or how this is happening. Even the developers have been feeding the rumors on how to unlock it, but we’ll break down exactly how you can get the Samira Rank S Emote yourself.

League of Legends players have been aware of the new upcoming champion Samira ever since it was leaked during patch 10.16, but only recently have players began seeing the Samira Rank S Emote show up in their inventories. Some thought it was happening at random, but even Mark Yetter, lead gameplay designer at Riot, added to the confusion by tweeting “You think you’re good enough for S? Doubt it.” Despite those strong words, unlocking the Samira Rank S Emote isn’t actually all that difficult once you know what you have to do.

How To Get The Samira Rank S Emote In League of Legends

Unlike some other Rank S emotes, unlocking the Samira Rank S Emote can be done in a single match with relative ease. First you just need to load up a matchmaking game on Summoner’s Rift. Next you need to kill an enemy player’s champion using your full combo. If you hit with all of your abilities you should see an S appear above your character. After that, just complete the game. You don’t need to win, just play out the game and collect the Samira Rank S Emote from the results screen.

Does Unlocking Samira’s Rank S Emote Get You The Character?

Some people have been speculating that unlocking the Samira Rank S Emote will automatically give you access to Samira on launch, similar to how the Lillia and Sett tokens worked, but there is no evidence to suggest this is true. This emote is far easier to get than those previous two examples, which is a point against that being the case, but there’s no harm in unlocking it just in case.

We don’t know when Samira will be released yet, but the amount of hype being built for the champion does indicate that it should be soon, perhaps with patch 10.19. That would put a possible date at September 16, but we will have to wait and see until more details are shared.

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