Life Is Strange: How To Unlock Nathan’s Phone

Partway through its fourth episode, the original Life is Strange turns into an engaging detective game. The team of Max and Chloe gather up all of their evidence to try to figure out the dark plot surrounding Blackwell and Arcadia Bay. Part of their investigation requires getting access to Nathan Prescott’s phone.

This is where your problem-solving skills come in handy as you have to find a way to unlock the device. Figuring out the code isn’t too easy, especially with the several red herrings around. This guide, however, shows every possible way to complete the task and see what the unsavory individual has been doing.

Choosing Nathan’s Items

For the investigation, you need to select four things from Nathan’s section of the board in Chloe’s room.

  • Choose the phone, phone card, student information sheet, and the scrap of paper.

Once you’ve chosen them, they’ll be moved to the other side, where you can interact with each one again.

How To Find The Correct Pin For Nathan’s Phone

Life is Strange might be one of the best time travel games ever, but the rewind power isn’t necessary to find the right pin code; you need deduction skills instead.

Your attention will likely be drawn to the bit of paper with multiple sets of numbers written on it. However, this is just a red herring as none of them is the right combination.

  • In fact, the only code on the note that has any value is the 3-digit one, which helps with a puzzle later in the game.

The piece of evidence that you actually want to look at is the student information sheet. As the name suggests, it contains several bits of information about Nathan.

  • The important one is his birthday, which is August 29th. Like many people, he uses this as the code for his phone

This is probably a bad idea for someone involved in as many questionable activities as Nathan. regardless, with this date of birth memorized, you can interact with the phone and type 0829 to unlock it.

Using The PUK Code (If The Phone Is Locked)

While some of the world’s hardest games strongly punish any failure, Life is Strange is a lot more lenient. If you input the incorrect code a few times, the phone will lockdown and not let you have any more guesses. This naturally creates a big problem for your investigation. But luckily, you have Nathan’s Sim card nearby.

  • Interact with it to get a close look, and you’ll see a PUK code (87897808)

Try to remember it and go back to the phone. You’ll get the chance to enter the giant set of numbers to get into the device. It’s perhaps the less impressive way to complete this puzzle, yet it’s also the method most players are forced to use. After all, deciphering the correct code isn’t simple.

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