Lil Gator Game: Every Bracelet Location

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Climbing is a big part of the adventure in Lil Gator Game, and in order to climb, you'll need to obtain uniquely colorful bracelets from a mysterious monkey, simply known as the Bracelet Man. But finding the Bracelet Man is no easy task.

Scattered across the island, you'll be able to find the Bracelet Man in places you'd least expect. And of course, finding him is only the first step. You'll need to defeat hoards of monsters to accumulate the riches you'll need to buy his bracelets. The reward, however, is definitely worth it.

How To Get Bracelets

You can only receive bracelets by purchasing them from the Bracelet Man who can be found in four specific areas of the game:

  • Small Island
  • Great Oak
  • Splash Pad
  • Amphitheater

By purchasing bracelets, you'll be able to increase your stamina gauge, increasing the duration you'll be able to climb. Each bracelet will give you a full circle of stamina, and once all four are found, you'll be able to climb infinitely, without worrying about stamina at all. It does not matter which order you find the bracelets in, but the first bracelet on Small Island has the lowest cost.

Small Island Bracelet

The Small Island Bracelet Man can be easily found, and is required in order to get the ability to climb – find Avery and complete the tutorial. His bracelet is the cheapest, at only 100 scraps, which you can easily acquire by destroying the nearby monsters. This requires you to complete either Jill or Martin's quests, in order to gain the ability to break monsters with either your weapon or your shield.

It is possible to beat the entire game without having found the other three bracelets. Only one circle of stamina is really necessary to get to even the highest locations, but it will require planning.

Great Oak Bracelet

It's very easy to miss the Greak Oak Bracelet Man as he hides in a location above you for most of your time in this area. To find him, you'll need to climb up the Greak Oak itself.

Climb the stairs up to the highest platform you can reach in the treehouse before attempting to climb the tree itself. Use the nearby branches to regain stamina on the way. He'll be in the center of the tree, in a very large bird's nest. Upon speaking with him, you can buy another bracelet for 500 scraps.

If you have an issue with climbing the tree, you can make it a little easier by gliding from the mountains next to the playground, bypassing half of the climb.

Splash Pad Bracelet

Up above the Splash Pad, the Bracelet Man waves his arms around on top of the windmill you can use as a landmark anywhere on the island. To reach the top of the windmill, you'll need to climb the mountain beside it.

Alternatively, if you have two or three bracelets and some ingenuity, climb one of the electric line poles and race across the lines to reach the trees staggered around the mill. Jump from the top of each tree until you reach the one you can use to jump across from onto the mill itself. Like all bracelets on the Big Island, this bracelet costs 500 scraps.

Amphitheater Bracelet

The Amphitheater bracelet is the easiest to find. Waiting at the topmost tip of the mountains behind the Amphitheater, the Bracelet Man is at the island's highest point. Reaching him is fairly simple: climb the ledges surrounding the mountain peak, using trees where you can to give yourself an edge, and find him waving at the highest peak.

If you haven't found any other bracelets by the time you've found him, you can make this climb with only one wheel of stamina, if you use the tree where the memory of your younger hero dangles. Climb to it and glide over to where you can see him waving. Talk to him and purchase a bracelet for 500 scraps.

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