Little Nightmares: Geisha Statue Location Guide

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-platformer horror game that has three types of collectables that can be found throughout the game. You will be able to unlock an achievement for each one once you have collected them all. The three types of collectables are lanterns, Nomes and Geisha statues.

This guide will focus on the Geisha statues. These porcelain dolls are hidden throughout the game and prove to be quite tricky to get to at times. There are a total of ten statues. Once you have smashed all ten of them, you will unlock the Little Rascals achievement. These statues can easily be missed if you do not explore while you play.

Chapter 1: The Prison

The first Geisha statue can be found soon after you begin the game. Wait for the opening sequence to pass and head right. You will go through the tunnel after lighting your first lantern and then go up the flight of stairs. You will pass an obvious opening at the top of the staircase, wherein you can find the first of ten statues.

After you complete the first light puzzle, you will be able to find your next Geisha statue. Here you will have to climb to the top of the cages. Climb up onto the wooden platform. Go left and follow the pathway until you find an open door. Your second Geisha statue will be in the corner on your right. Break the statue before going back the way you came.

Chapter 2: The Lair

The third Geisha statue can be found once you reach the bedroom with the suitcase in the middle of the floor. Using the toilet pot behind, climb up to the basin. From here, jumping to the cupboard will be tricky and might take a few tries. Angle your character, so Six can jump sideways and then grab and hold to climb up.

Once you have reached the top of the cupboard, move to the far right of the platform. You will need to jump across to the shelf on the left of your screen, and you will need to get a running start to make the jump. Next to the book, you will find your Geisha statue. Use your lighter if you have trouble spotting it, as it is quite dark.

You can also drag the suitcase across the room to the switch on the right. Climb up on the suitcase, then jump and grab on to pull it down.

A bed will drop, which you can use to climb up onto the desk and cupboard. This method might prove more time-consuming. However, climbing up to the shelf holding the statue might be easier.

You will find your next Geisha statue shortly after the Janitor chases you into the elevator. Go to the open box in the bottom right corner of the room and hide until the elevator stops.

Once the Janitor leaves, enter the next room and push the box to the left side of the screen. This will open the way for you to enter the crawl space. Walk to where the toy monkey is, and the floor will give way for you to drop through.

Move as quickly as possible, as the toy monkey will begin to make a noise. Keep walking along the crawl space until you reach the last room. It should be the third and largest room. Using your lighter, go back into the room and to the far left in the corner, you should find your next statue.

Chapter 3: The Kitchen

Three statues can be found within this chapter. After eating the rat at the beginning of Chapter three, there will be a cut scene. Following this, enter the doorway to the next room by using the laundry bins to climb up on.

Once here, climb the laundry bin in the middle of the room. There will be a metal slab leaning against it. Push it to the left of your screen, and it should create a platform that will allow you to reach the end of the laundry room.

Instead of exiting the room, move your character into the foreground, turn around and walk back into the room. It is quite hard to spot otherwise, so use your lighter, and you should spot a hole in the ground that is slightly covered. Climb into the hole and follow the tunnel until you reach a small room. There will be a Geisha statue here.

The sixth Geisha statue can be found once you enter the freezer room with the ham. After lining up the three loaves of ham, you will see a vent next to the trap doors you placed the meat on.

Go through the vent, and you will find yourself in a small room. You immediately will see a lantern you can light. In the foreground of your screen, very close to the lantern, in a corner you should see another Geisha statue waiting for you.

After stealing the key from the Chef, you will be able to find your seventh Nome. Use the key to unlock the door to your right immediately after getting out of the elevator. As soon as the door opens, run into the room.

Hide in the broken laundry bin as the elevator has gone back to fetch the Chef, and he will soon follow you. Stay in this spot until the Chef goes through the door on the right of your screen.

Once he is gone, use the bin you were hiding under and climb up to the brown shaft door. Jump and grab the handle to open the door, and then drop to the ground. Climb the metal laundry bin again and climb into the opening.

The shaft will drop you in a large room filled with garbage. Using your lighter, move to the far-left foreground of your screen, and you will find your next Geisha statue.

Chapter 4: The Guest Area

After encountering the Chef in the guest area for the first time, you will have broken a mirror that leads to another room. Climb the gate here until you reach the top, and you will find a vent here. Go through the vent and through the second gate.

Be mindful of the disorientating camera angle as you walk across the pipe. Keep going until you have returned to the foyer with the elevator. You will be able to spot the Geisha statue on the table to the left of your screen. Move here, and you can safely drop from the pipes to land on the boxes. Climb down to smash the statue.

After eating the Nome near the end of the chapter, climb the boxes to go through the hole. Drop into the tunnel and, using your lighter, follow along until you reach a ladder.

Once you have climbed the ladder, go through the vent, where you will see Lady Geisha exiting the room. Wait until she is gone before climbing out and heading to your left. In the furthest corner, you will see your ninth Geisha statue waiting for you.

Chapter 5: The Lady’s Quarters

The final Geisha statue can be found on the dressing table of Lady Geisha. Sneak until you enter the next room.

Once inside the bedroom, go over to the left side of the room. Climb onto the bedside table and push the vase off. The noise will cause Lady Geisha to leave. Go back to the previous room, which should now be empty.

On the dresser, you will spot your next and final Geisha statue. Use the chair to climb up and break it. You will now have unlocked the Little Rascals achievement.

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