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Little Noah: Scion Of Paradise is an Action RPG that features various activities like repairing your Airship, unlocking different Avatars, putting up statues to get various buffs, etc. But you will see yourself spending most of your time within the ruins.

Ruins are the central part of the game and this is where you use all the buffs and new avatars that you've unlocked. Every time you enter the ruins, you will have a different experience as the rooms are entirely random and different. While there is an RNG factor involved with the ruins in the game, you can definitely go much further with some useful tips.

Every Room In The Ruins Explained

The ruins in Little Noah are a mixture of different kinds of rooms, some of which don't even have a 100 percent chance of spawning. Each of these rooms has a different function, and it is extremely important to understand what they do in order to beat the game.

Start Room

This is the room where you first start whenever you load into a particular map. On the very first ruin, you will see a Lilliput Cauldron, and the Potion Cauldron in all the subsequent ruins where you can fill your potions back up. Both of these are required to be unlocked through the Airship Repairs. This room is completely safe, and you can come back here whenever you want.

Normal Battle Room

This is the most common room within the dangerous ruins in Little Noah. As soon as you enter this room, a barrier will spawn on all the exits preventing you from going back out of it until you defeat all the enemies. This is usually an easy task early game since the enemies are very simple. Whenever you defeat all the enemies in a room, a chest spawns that can be opened to get some free goodies.

Challenge And Rascal Room

This is an upgraded version of Normal Battle Room as they have a special effect on them. For the Challenge Room, as soon as the barriers spawn, you will see a challenge at the top of the screen. If you finish the challenge while defeating the enemies, an extra chest spawns at the end of the fight. You can get challenges like defeating the enemies within a certain time limit or killing all the foes without getting hit.

As for the Rascal Room, it is very clear whenever you go inside one. There is an exclusive sound effect that plays whenever there's a rascal in the room. This is a non-aggressive mob that can be very hard to kill in the early game. But, if you do manage to kill one of these, they drop a good amount of gold.

Sometimes, you can have a rascal spawn in a room where you also get a challenge. As far as you don't have to defeat all the enemies within a certain time limit, it is always better to try your best to kill the rascal first.

Gate Room

Simply put, this is the room that gives you a gateway to the next part of the ruins. Beware though, because this room doesn't always spawn at the end of the ruins. In fact, you can get this room at the start itself but once you go through these gates, you can't return to the ruins you're currently in. Unless you get knocked out and restart, of course.

The most efficient way to use the Gate Room is to unlock it and then head back inside the ruins and completely clear them. Once you've done that, you can just teleport back to this room using Warp and go to the next part.

Boss Room

Ruins in the game are divided into different parts and every part has two boss rooms in it. Whenever you finish a ruin and head through the gate, you will see your progress and how far you are from the Boss Room.

The first boss is kind of a mini-boss which is the same for every single area. Once you reach this room, you have to defeat the boss to progress further.

Trap Room

This room is essentially non-hostile, but it also has the capacity to kill you, probably more than the Normal Battle Rooms if you're bad at Parkour. Once you enter this room, you're free to go back out whenever you please. But, if you want a juicy chest that is displayed in this room, you will either have to make your way through a flurry of traps or unlock the door with a key.

Shop Room

How did someone set a shop deep within these ruins? Even we don't know the answer to that. Whenever you enter this room, you can buy a variety of items including lilliput, accessories, a key, and a healing item. The level of healing items depends on the area you're currently in. If you've unlocked buffs for more gold in your airship or statues, this is where they will shine.

Crystal And Accessory Room

These are another set of non-hostile rooms that provides different kinds of buffs to our Noah Little. Whenever you enter a Crystal Room, you will see a huge crystal in between that you can interact with and get yourself a free red, blue, or green crystal, and they all have different effects. Similarly, in the Accessory Room, you can get a free accessory.

Locked Chest And Optional Battle Room

These two kinds of rooms don't have a 100 percent chance of spawning in the game. Whenever the Locked Chest Room spawns, you will either see a big locked chest in the middle of the room or a couple of smaller ones. You will have to use a key to unlock these chests.

The Optional Battle room has an interactive mechanism in the middle that starts a hard battle with buffed enemies. You don't need to do this battle, and it is recommended to skip it if you're running low on health. Although, if you do finish it, it will fetch you a good reward.

Tips And Tricks For Ruins

The game makes it pretty hard for you to finish the ruins, especially if you're playing on the highest difficulties. So, here are some general tips to make the job easier for you:

  • Every time you're knocked out, which means your HP drops to zero, everything in the ruins resets. This includes your power, the lilliput and accessories you have, and the depth of ruins. This means that whenever you start your journey again, you will begin at the very start. The only difference will be the buffs you unlock on the surface.
  • The lilliput lineup is very important to ensure your victory. Factors like their attack pattern and element are necessary to take into account. Ideally, you would want to start your lineup with a fast attacking lilliput, followed by a bunch of crowd-controlling ones, and finally ending with ranged ones. For skills, Bramwell is one of the best lilliput in the game.
  • When you go through the ruins for the first time, you won't be able to select which door you want to go through in the Gate Rooms. But, when you clear the ruin and go through it the second time, you can select the gate that will benefit you based on the buffs and enemies.
  • The developers have ensured that there is no way to cheese this game by being able to fight the same boss over and over. But, if you're running out of time, or you're not satisfied with your lineup, you can simply click on 'Save and Exit' or 'Give Up' respectively in the menu.
  • There is no option to save and keep playing specifically to prevent you from continuing within the ruins after getting knocked out. But, you can unlock a revival technique from your Airship Repairs which gives you an extra chance even if you get knocked out.

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