Logic retires from rap career in favour of multi-million Twitch exclusivity deal

Twitch might have lost Dr Disrespect but they’ve gained rapper Logic as an exclusive streamer, who’ll be giving up music in favour of games.

With Dr Disrespect now seemingly permabanned from Twitch the streaming service is going to need to get on a recruitment drive, but its latest major signing is not who you’d expect.

American rapper Logic has revealed that he’s put his music career on hold in favour of a seven-figure exclusivity deal with Twitch.

Logic, real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (Sir is part of his name, not a title), already regularly streams on Twitch but the exclusivity deal will tie him down to regular streams every week and a minimum number of hours.

‘I’m not this rapper guy, man,’ he said in an interview with The Verge. ‘I’m just a nerd. I love video games.’

‘This is the place where if you want to interact with me, you’re going to do it here,’ he says. ‘I’m not going to be on Twitch, having political debates. I’m going to be on Twitch, helping people after they’ve had a day of protesting or political debates, unwind and laugh and smile. And if you want to know how I feel about the world, you listen to my music.’

‘I announced my retirement from music because it came to a point where I felt forced, like I had to do certain things,’ he added. ‘And it’s not that the label made me feel that way. I was doing it to myself, because I’m such a businessman, and I was pushing myself to the brink of insanity.’

Despite supposedly giving up on his music career though, Hall says that he’ll still likely rap on songs that, ‘probably won’t come out’.

His first stream as a Twitch exclusive will be to promote what he claims is his final LP though, with No Pressure due for released on Friday, 24 July. The stream starts at 1am BST on 21 July, only on Twitch.


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