Lost Ark: Knowledge Transfer Guide

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What is Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark? It's simple – you pay gold to level up an alt character in the game, sending it right to the endgame so that you can begin grinding endgame content with it.

Knowledge Transfer is remarkably simple to use and is technically different from the two free Power Passes you get from just playing the game. Here's how to access Knowledge Transfer and how to use it.

How To Use Knowledge Transfer In Lost Ark

The Knowledge Transfer machine is accessed at your Stronghold. The only requirements are:

  • A level 5 Stronghold (easy, this is what you actually start with)
  • Complete all the quests in North Vern (Awakening, Power Pass, etc)
  • Return to your Stronghold and collect the Nothing Is Impossible For Cykins quest from Atheline
  • Talk to the Robot on your island, located on the west side of your island, next to the Lab
  • You need 600 gold to bring your alt up to level with a North Vern character, or 2400 gold if you've completed Punika

It's that simple.

There are, however, some restrictions. Knowledge Transfer is only available per class leveled to 50 (end of the main storyline), which means you get three from your main and the two alts you can level to 50 with the Power Passes. Knowledge Transfer is available 9 times in total.

How To Boost Your Alt With Knowledge Transfer

So, to actually boost your alt to level 50, you need to bring that class specifically to your Stronghold. That means you need to jump onto an alt, complete quests to reach the sheet music at the start of the game, and take your alt character to the Knowledge Transfer area on your Stronghold island.

  • Pay 600 gold
  • The process takes eight hours to complete
  • Log back into your character after eight hours, open the Knowledge Transfer screen, and you'll have a character leveled to 50
  • All the main storylines are completed for Vern and Shushire, but every single side quest is still available if you want to grind for extra Engravings and other rewards

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