Lost Ark’s Wrath Of The Covetous Legion Update Delayed Due To "Critical Issue"

Lost Ark’s latest update has been delayed by a few hours. The official Lost Ark Twitter account warned of a "critical issue" causing the delay without going into detail what that issue might be. As of the time of this writing, the North and South America servers are back online alongside the European Central server. Europe West is expected to return at 7 PM CST.

Today’s update, Wrath Of The Covetous Legion, brings several new activities to Lost Ark. The most notable is the Vykas Legion Raid, which puts heroes up against the fearsome Covetous Legion to fight both Legion members and Legion Commander Vykas in her “Garden of Crimson Delight.” The raid allows up to eight players and has no mid-battle revives, making each life count.

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Access to the Vykas Legion Raid starts at item level 1430 on normal mode and 1460 for hard difficulty. Expect new mechanics, abilities, and of course, rewards for completing each gate.

The new Kungelanium Guardian Raid starts at item level 1460 and allows up to three heroes to participate. "A fearsome force of evil in the Chain War," writes Lost Ark on its blog, "Kungelanium has awoken from his glacial slumber by the re-emergence of the Demon Legions and the Chaos spreading throughout Arkesia."

A new single-player dungeon ties into the Vykas Legion Raid. Demons are invading through a dimensional portal called the Thronespire, tasking heroes with defeating 50 levels of enemies in a set amount of time. For the first 25 levels, players earn rewards for each complete level, while the remaining 25 offer prestige and completion times. Thronespire becomes available at item level 1325.

And finally, Heartbeat island is a new event near Annika where players can collect festival coins to exchange for new rewards. There’s also dance fights against Rekiel, the Dancing Queen in an hourly quest.

In its never-ending fight against bots, Lost Ark has added CAPTCHA prompts to appear sometimes when changing zones, and there are new preventative measures for gold sellers as well. There are a load of other bug fixes and QOL updates, so check out the full patch notes here.

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