Lost Judgment: Where To Get Each Disguise

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Lost Judgment features two kinds of costumes: the pretty standard, normal-looking variety, and the absolutely off-the-wall, Halloween costume variety. However, no matter which costume you are after this guide has you covered. The good news is that all of them are easy to acquire.

Outside of one costume (which unlocks at the end of the game), they are available from relatively early on, too. So, strut on down to the Hustle Boutique and get ready to live your best life looking like Dracula in Kamurocho.

Story Mode Disguises

Work ClothesThis will likely be the first disguise you unlock in the game. By simply completing the story quest in the first chapter you will gain access to this costume.
Bartender StyleDuring the mission "Find Kaito" in chapter five, you will be required to disguise yourself as a bartender. Completing that mission will add these duds to your wardrobe.
Tailored SuitOne of the best outfits in the games comes last. In chapter 13, Yagami takes to the court again and brings back the suit. Once you have finished with the courtroom scene, it will be added to your collection.

Purchasable Disguises

Homeless DisguiseIf you are looking for something maybe a little too casual, these are your threads. You can purchase this disguise from Odonera's Wares. It is a very affordable ¥1,500.
Stakeout Style DisguiseHere is a pretty subtle change. This outfit can be purchased in the Benten Pawn Shop. It costs ¥6,300.
Vampire CostumeThis is one of the showstoppers. For the classic Dracula look, go directly to the Hustle Boutique. However, be prepared to shell out that yen, as this one costs an opulent ¥99,800 (and it is worth every last yen).
Pilot CostumeThis is another swanky Hustle Boutique ensemble. To get this flyboy getup you will have to shell out a total of ¥32,500.

Unlockable Disguises

Punk's OutfitIn order to unlock this disguise, you will need to complete the fourth EX battle (it should unlock after you complete chapter three), which involves you battling seven Liumang goons. The catch is that you need to maintain your EX Boost for the entirety of the fight (however, as long as you don't get too EX move happy, you should be able to do this without too much effort). Once you emerge from this battle victorious, you will gain access to the Punk Clothes.
Ninja DisguiseHere we have the lone outfit that is tethered to an optional quest. But don't worry, you get the clothes at the beginning of the quest, so minimal effort is involved. First, this side mission should open up in chapter three. You initiate it by accepting the "The Saga Continues: Ryan's Rival Appears" quest from the job listing board in your office.

Now, all you need to do in order to get these shadowy garbs is find the grandmaster ninja Ryan in the M Side Café. Once you enter the Cafe, walk up the stairs and turn around, he is clinging to the wall (yes, really). After a brief conversation, you will be given the Ninja Outfit. From there you can either choose to complete the Dueling Dojo side-mission or take the getup and go; either way, you have already claimed your ninja disguise.

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